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Saturday, February 16, 2019


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If someone accidently did this, how would the examiner react or how would it affect one's score sir?

useful advice.Thanks sir

@Norvin, the examiner would just give a minimal answer and move on to the next question, no big deal. But best to avoid it, the idea is to showcase your own speaking.

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for your wonderful videos and website. I have a question about the speaking test of IELTS. Why is it that in the questions for part 3 some words are written in the parentheses? I have heard that these are function words for examiners, but my question is whether the examiner has to phrase the questions in their own words or do they read off the booklet? I asked this question because you said that examiners use different wordings for candidates at different levels. Questions such as:

(consider) whether children are born clever or learn to be clever
(assess) how important schools are in children become more clever
(agree/disagree) very clever children are usually happy

These are not complete questions, so is it at the examiner’s discretion how to phrase each question depending on the level of the candidate or are these words in parentheses to help the examiner know the focus of each question? I really appreciate your help.

The answer to both of your questions is yes. The examiner words the questions in a way that both expresses the function in the parentheses, and adjusts it to the level of the student.

Thanks Lisa for your help,
Can you tell me if this happens is both parts 1 and 3, or is this only about part 3?

Hey Carlos, it's only in part 3. The examiner has to stick to the exact wording of the question in part 1.

Thanks again Lisa.

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