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Thursday, January 10, 2019


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Sir,what about lexical resource in task 1?This means that is it important to pay attention vocabulary in this task?I think the most students get low mark in coherence and cohesion.So,it is worth pay attention in mainly two areas of marking TR and CC.






For Task 1 it is important to have mastered the grammar of basic sentences:

It is also important to have a range of suitable verbs such as increase/rise/grow, decrease/fall/drop/decline, level off, bottom out, peak.

Inaccuracies in describing the data will also affect the Task Response score.

Thank you Zara for suggestion.This means that focus should be on all marking criteria for this task equally.

Grammar structures used by British Council in their model answer:

1) "with": ....computer ownership, with a further classification by ...

2) Relative clause: the population that owned a computer / those who did not finish high school

3) whereas

4) Participle clause: increases... (reaching 65% and 85% respectively)

5) Noun clause: ....n shows that higher levels of education correspond ....


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