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Friday, January 11, 2019


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Just GREAT ideas and vocabulary. I think we need to develop 2 key things to improve our speaking:
2.Improve the ability of ADAPTATION.

Hi Simmon
comtemporary or contemporary
Which one correct?

Well noticed Victoria. It was a typo.

‘Contemporary’ is the correct spelling.

Just one month ago, I visited my relative's apartment in the capital city of my country.It was my uncle's apartment.I saw the apartment is of the newest style and contemporary and everything is up to the minute .Interior design is very attractive.This is based upon the new concept of open plan architect of living room where kitchen room, dining area and living room are linked together.There is no sharp boundary between living room and kitchen room.On one side there is cooking room for food preparation and dining area where table and chairs are placed .Families eat together on one table.On the other side, living room is decorated with beautiful light and modern gadgets like TV and telephone.This is the best place for gathering and discussing any issues for the family. Room is spacious so there is no clutter and untidy.Everything is in front of them.Windows are airy and made up of glass.Heating appliances were in the living room in order to keep warm in the winter season.The reason why I like is the colour of the floor and colour of the wall is matching together. So , It was very relaxing and
very smoothing for mind.Another reason is room is very clean ,spacious and sufficient for movement.

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