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Friday, January 25, 2019


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Can we categories the "apartment " vocabulary into different categories like space category, colour category , appearance/outlook category,old/new design category,furniture category,appliances category,hygiene and sanitation category etc ? that will be easy for learning.thanks sir.

Yes, good idea Pachu!

thank you so much sir.


Could we copy and use sentence structures in our WT2 essays, which are taken from the reading passages in Cambridge IELTS series?


Dear Simon,
I can't understand what the speaker says.

End upon a/the no-pile
End up on the no pile


I think you of course can do this in the writing test. But the key is whether copying the structures from the materials is helpful to improve the accuracy of your expression and the consistency of your essay. If it can only cause converse effects, you'd better avoid copying them in a superficial way.

which one is better/correct ?
basis? grounds? on the basis of ? on the grounds of?

on the basis of safety.
on safety grounds.
on the grounds of safety
on safety basis.


"on safety grounds" is the most common.
I would not use "on safety basis" as it only comes up once on Google Books.




"on safety grounds" is the most common.


"end up on the 'no' pile"

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