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Saturday, January 26, 2019


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I would advise that your paragraph structure should always be based around the three bullets in the question, and you should aim to make them approximately equal length.

Hello Simon,

Thank you very much for your website!! I achieved an ideal result in my IELTS test (L9,R9,W7,S8), especially with my writing and speaking.

I truly appreciate all your efforts for updating the website daily and making it free and accessible to students all around the world. I have learnt heaps from your website, not only those strategies but most importantly, your dedication and passion for teaching.

Thank you again!

Thanks a lot Simon for this. I was waiting for your lesson on the letter writing.

Dear Simon,

You're really doing it. I can't wait.


sir, although I prepare for AC ielts but I want to know how can we recognize that the letter is semiformal? Simply we are not sure we call it semiformal.Is expression different from both formal and informal letter?

Hey Pachu!
There's no such thing as a semi-formal letter.
As a rule of thumb, your letter is going to be FORMAL, unless it's about your FRIENDS and FAMILY MEMEBERS

Colleagues? No problem! as long as they're your close friends, but definitely not your boss or manager.
Neighbours? I would go write them informally unless I want to make a complaint or announce something important, but when it comes to friendly things like inviting them or asking for some help, it is clear that your tone should be INFORMAL.
Forget about SEMI-FORMAL!

Sorry for my strange sentence.
Auto-replace put that 'Go'!
Neighbours? I would write them informally.


Buy the video lessons and study how to write letters.

I am sure you will not regret that.



I didn't ask anything! I was trying to help Pachu!


Congratulations Theresa! I'm glad my lessons helped you to pass.


Vishaal, Nguyen and Pachu,

I've done several blog lessons about GT task 1. Click on the link below and scroll down the page to see more:


Regarding the "semi-formal" question, here's a free video lesson that should answer any questions you have:


I hope this helps!

thank you so much Simon for giving suggestions on GT Letters.

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