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Sunday, January 06, 2019


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Hi Simon
Thanks a lot for giving insight into how we can work effectively. Although I've got my ielts certificate i still read your lessons every day because i cannot live without this website, because i find it fascinating and inspiring. Not only do you teach ielts but also you motivate students to keep working ahead. I wish this website never ended producing daily lessons. It would be real pity for me if your website stopped working. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU SIMON. WE ALL LOVE YOU!

Thank you so much . Your blog and video lessons are the best and enough for exam techniques Ultimately , this improves level of English.Your strategy is focused and time saving.I also want to see that you add the topic wise vocabulary for writing and speaking this year and people also expect you to do some live lessons on you tube so that global audience can benefit from your knowledge and experience.Most of IELTS preparing students struggling from many years depend on you. So, they fulfill their dream by passing IELTS.

I feel really blessed because I got the opportunity to read and write on this beautiful blog and undoubtedly learned so many ideas and methods regarding English language, particularly about IELTS. Although I am facing so many hardships of some specific modules, especially writing, I believe that within the upcoming days I would definitely be able to overcome my barriers of those sections. It is in fact, this website already has become a wealth for each and every students who are keen to learn English language and IELTS and I am sure if anybody wants to boost his/her power of English skills, he/she needs to read and write something om very day basis. I confess that this site is inevitably helpful for all you guys. Plz, keep stay with it forever. Thanks Simon.

Same here, I don't need to take IELTS test anymore either, but I still follow this website on a daily basis. It becomes part of my life to read this website.

Hi, Simon. Are you alright? You are missing two days?
Are you alright?
All the best for you.
many thanks for your web.

Hello Friends,

I just completed my IELTS speaking exam, I was fluent but fast, so in one of part 1 question I started speaking even before the examiner completed her question, and then unfortunately I had to ask her to complete the question. I gave pretty good answer of that question, but I'm worried that will it affect my score?

The question was How much water do you drink every day?
I replied I regularly drink 4 to 5 liter water everyday as it is good for the health, it rejuvenate cells in your body and make you more awake to perform other routine activities.

Need your help Simon.

I have written IELTS 3 times and my scores are as below:
Sept : L8 R7.5 W7.5 S7.
Nov : L8 R9 W6.5 S7
Dec : L9 R9 W7 S7.5

As you can see, I have improved on my L and R scores but my W and S scores remain unchanged. This time however I am thinking about EoR for W and S. Could you please guide if it is a step in right direction or I am just wasting time, money and effort.

Note : I intend to achieve 8 in each section.

Awaiting your reply.



In the writing paper, if you score [for example in task 2]:
task response 7;
coherence and cohesion 7;
lexical resource 7;
grammatical range and accuracy 6,
this gives you a total of 27 points and an overall score of 6.5 [not 7].
You need a total of 28 points to achieve Band 7, and a total of 32 to achieve Band 8.

The band scores for both tasks are then amalgamated using a weighted average, with Task 2 counting double. Thus, a Band 7 in Task 2 plus a 6.5 in Task 1 will give an overall Band of 7: ((2*7)+6.5)/3 = 6.8333 rounded to 7.

For comparison, Band 6.5 in Task 2 would require Band 7.5 in Task 1 to achieve the same result.


Given that you are already achieving Band 9 in listening and reading, Band 8 in writing should be achievable in time. It is absolutely essential that you have native speaker feedback on your writing. If this cannot be face-to-face, perhaps try:

Again, you would need a native-speaker English specialist to diagnose and provide advice on your speaking. It may be quite difficult to escape the influence of your first language.


Just guessing what some issues might be in your speaking:



Note "engineer" has the stress on the last syllable: enginEER.





One of the key issues making Indian English difficult for Australian English listeners to understand is speed. Listeners commonly felt that Indian speakers talk ‘too quickly’ and that if their speech was slower, it would be easier to understand.
Speaking more slowly gives the listener more time to process speech, and become familiar with some of the differences between the speaker’s Indian English and their own variety.
In a medical interview, the patient is likely to be more focused on WHAT the doctor says than HOW he or she says it; if the doctor slows his or her rate of speech, this can help patients understand clearly and not be confused by differences in speech.




There may be other issues too:
1) lack of conciseness: going round and round the topic without clearly making your point.
2) overuse of continuous aspect.

Apologies if "we are not really hitting middle stump!"

Thanks Simon. You are a star. You have provided me with insights I have not thought of. I am not sure I will go for another IELTS but will definitely go through your articles.

Thanks again!

Hi i want to prepeare for ielts to take high bands and can you post me your information and tips to my email please i couldnt find where to subscribe please


Thanks for the positive comments above guys! Sorry I don't get much time to check and reply to comments these days. I do still read them all.

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