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Saturday, January 05, 2019


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some of exam techniques are not working while doing the test, why is this sir?

Hi Simon, I am struggling to get a score of 8 for the Academic Writing. My best score so far has been 7.5. I have been preparing for it using your website but still find nerves usually get the better of me on exam day. Any tips?

especially writing is a big concern as well as a big tension for all IELTS candidates. I, for example, struggling with writing tasks and cannot make a better score even 6 in my mock tests. I got 5.5 in an IELTS exam. However, I am getting 4 to 5 overall when my mentor checks my writing papers. He indicates the errors relate to grammar, arguments, cohesion and coherence.

In fact, to get rid of the fears of writing, my friend who achieved 7 in writing told me to organize simple (Templates/Designs) regarding all types of essays. He also told me that he was not that much conscious about Grammar issues rather he tried to answer exactly what the essay wanted. His overall bands in his mocks were like 5.5, 6, 6.5 all the times and ultimately gained 7 in the final exam. He was insisting me to make some Templates for every kind of IELTS essay and told me to give my answer simply as possible. So, Simon do you think that writing templates are really helpful for improving score?. Note that, He mostly followed your website and your writing styles.

Extremely important advice for students who often spend their time seeking techniques, secrets and shortcuts. The core of IELTS score comes from OVERALL LEVEL OF ENGLISH. The rest comes from techniques!

Excited to learn this from you Simon!

I love to come here to absorb the way you use English so that I can apply to both using in my daily life and to my study.I found easy to find a place to learn English but quite difficult to find the best tutor who knows what students want.You are great.Thank you Simon :-)


Mr Simon has much to say about templates:





Thanks, Zsofi.

I was actually searching for those hyperlinks.

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