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Saturday, December 08, 2018


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This is really a good technique to don't or little bit deviation from the given question or topic. But I think to invent a answer is the best option to stay on the topic because it might be more interesting to expand the answer. In addition, staying on topic by inventing gives the better chance of using suitable vocabulary and a well organised phrases too.

Hi Simon,

If I don'y understand a word in the question or a word in the topic card, can I ask the examiner to explain that for me or change the topic card? I've heard that examiners can only explain the meaning of words in part 3 of the speaking test and not in parts 1 or 2, is that true? Thank you.

Dear Mr. Simon,

Kindly give me some advice regarding the topic in part 2 "Describe a good time you had with your friend in your childhood". Can I talk about a trip that I and my friend took when we passed the entrance exam to universities and we did had a good time together.

Thanks you so much!

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