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Monday, December 10, 2018


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Dear Simon, you are undoubtedly right. I have achieved a score of 6.5 in reading in my first attempt. It's been about three months I took my exam. I haven't been practicing for almost two and a half month, if fact, I kept reading as a daily basis. I appeared in 4 mock tests since the beginning of December. As I read much, I thought I could be able to perform better in reading than before. Honestly, I hope now I can understand the facts and contents when I read any piece of writing from any sources. Also, I am, at present can read faster than before as well. I have improved better in some sections compared to my previous records. However, I still suffering in (Matching Informations, complicated gap-fillings, Twisted Scientific/Experts Theories to match, MCQs with 4 options, Complete the Sentences). I wondered how my time flies so fast when I was doing those parts. I think scholar's theories are kind of PARADOX, I read repeatedly but cannot make it. I don't know why?

Dear Simon,
I read your sample writing about dress codes, there is one thing I don’t understand. Why did you use “create relaxed office environment “, why not “create relaxing office environment”
Thank you


There's a small difference between the two adjectives. See if you can work out what that difference is - a little challenge for you!

For reading some advised me to read newspapers and magazines. but it is somehow to understand the meaning of the text. what should i do?

You are so right Simon. Can you introduce some sources for practicing reading? Thanks

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