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Saturday, November 24, 2018


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Simon sir
Which is better for IELTS exam, learning new words / phrases or better use of vocabulary that one has already have ?

Hi Simon,
this term I took part in a class to prepare for the IELTS test. My teacher has listed some useful words for writing, but I seldom use them because I'm not familiar with their usage.
After finishing some writings, I think it is really important to build my own vocabulary bank!

Hi Simon

Sorry I am asking off topic. Could I use your description in speaking, for example about animal or building, although these do not exist in my country?

Could you prepare one lesson about this question, please?

I noted down thousands of words those I had found in several sources such as news, articles, social media, and even from movies, I watched. However, I do not have any phrases and idioms collection for my won because may I'm not conscious of the significant use of them. So I made a plan to write down all crucial phrases which were posted by Simon in this wonderful site. I think this task would help me improving both writing and speaking.

Selected phrasal verbs for Task 1 may be useful


So "Flexibility" means providing more ideas or range of grammar.
or the creativity we show during the interview?

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