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Sunday, November 04, 2018


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I was not really into the singing much.
I was pretty much reluctant from singing.
I sing a song once a week or less.
I like to hear a range of variety of songs.
Currently,singing competions is become increasingly popular.

I have never thought to be a singer
I was bit shy while singing
This maybe occurred couple of time in a week
I love to listen different kind of stuff
These days singing competitions are becoming more famous

1. I was not a fan of singing.
or I did not have any singing skills.
or I was not a singing talent.
2. I was a little lack of social communication skills.
3. this comes around maximum once time a week.
4. I enjoy listening some different kind of music.
5. singing talent show competition are now well known around the world.

1. I've never been good at singing.
2. I always felt little bit shy.
3. This sometimes happens in a week.
4. I prefer listening different kinds of music.
5. These days, singing competition is extremely popular.

1. I was not capable of singing.
2. I'm kind of a shy person.
3. It occurs maximum one time per week.
4. I like listening to many kinds of music.
5. Presently, there are abundant in singing competitions.

1. I was never good at singing.
2. I was not much open in front of people.
3. This happens at every 7 days or less.
4. I love listening to the different genre of music.
5. Nowadays, the popularity of signing competitions is on the rise.

1. I was never a great fan of singing.
2. I always felt a little bit shy.
4. I'm interested in trying different genres of music.
5. People are demonstrating more and more interest in singing competetions.

1. I was not really interested in music.
2. I am shy kind of person by nature.
3. At max, it happens once a week.
4. I love to listen all kind of music.
5. singing show/competitions are very popular these days.

1. I didn't sing a lot, actually.
2. I always get nervous and tingling.
3. I go out to sing with my friends one a week or less.
4. I listen to many kinds of music.
5. Nowadays, many singing competitions are held

1. I'm not really into music.
2. I was always a timid girl.
3. I did it once a week or less.
4. I'd like to listen to different kinds of music.
5. Music competition is ubiquitous nowadays.

1. I was not good at singing.
2. I was a bit ashamed of all the times.
3. It does not occur more than once a week.
4. I usually suggest a different genre of music.
5. Nowadays the popularity of music competition is on the rise.

I was never much of a singer.

Ans: I was not such a big fan of singing

I was always a little shy.

Ans:I was an introvert person

This happens once a week or less.

Ans: I rarely sing. probably once a week or less.

I prefer to listen to a variety of music.

Ans: I enjoy listening different type of musics

Singing contests are hugely popular at the moment.

Ans: Singing competitions are fully welcomed among the people

I was never good at singing.
I was kind of a reserved person.
This occurs few times a month.
***I prefer listening to different genres of music.
Singing competitions are very popular these days.

I'd prefer to ....
I prefer + ing (general)

How could i able to know the correct or preferable answer?
kindly guide on the same@simon

1. I have never been good at singing at all.
2. I was actually a timid child.
3. I hardly sing ,let's say once a week or less.
4. I don't have my preference,I enjoy listing to
any type of music.
5. Singing contests have become widely well known
by people of every age.

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