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Friday, November 30, 2018


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Do you think that it’s important for people to celebrate their achievements?

In my opinion, it is critically important for people to celebrate their accomplishments. Firstly, the act of celebrating wins changes our physiology and strengths it for the challenges in the future. Secondly, the celebration of success could tight network between people. For example, gathering for a celebration party makes close connections among relatives, friends. Thirdly, celebrating our victories cultivates a success mindset and keeps us motivated ever.

Why do you think some people prefer not to tell others about their achievements?

I think some people are envious talking about their accomplishments to others. They might consider that other people could learn how they achieve their goals in this case. Another reason could be that such people might be forced to pass the next barriers for achievements if they declare every wins to others.

Try answering this question: Do you think that it's important for people to celebrate their achievements?

Yes, I think it is important for people to celebrate their achievements at some occasions, like when they won noble prize, or won golden medal in olympic games. Achievements like those deserve the whole nation's celebration to remember their contributions to their countries.

Start with the direct answer, then explain it by giving two or three reasons, and maybe an example too.

Try answering this question: Why do you think some people prefer not to tell others about their achievements?

I think there are several reasons for this. The first reason is that some people are quite shy, and don't want to share their achievements to others. Another reason is that this may be interpreted by some people as some kind of show off if you tell their your achievements. This makes people not to tell others

1. Yer, I believe one should celebrate his/her achievements because it inspires others to be more successful like that person who did something was more special or something really difficult. To cite an example, Mustafizur Rahman, a Bangladeshi pacer who took 5 wickets in his first one-day debut match, he celebrated a glorious achievement which later motivated Nayeem Hasan to do the same thing.

2. I suppose some people are unwilling to reveal their successes due to some real and ritual beliefs. some people think exposing or celebrating achievements is just a show-off which may hurt who has failed several exertions. besides, some others believe in superstition like what if somebody would put eyes on him/her which could bring a curse in his successful life.

Yes, in my opinion, having celebration on accomplishments is quite essential since it brings some benefits to individuals and other people as well.
On the one hand, people working hard for their goals deserve rewards and celebration from others, which in turns giving them motivation to making efforts on further targets.
On the other hand, celebration symbolizes admiration from others, which means that people can learn from victors' skills or positive attitudes. For example, when I saw my classmate was praised for her outstanding performance in front of all students; in other words, it's a kind of celebration, I realized that I have to give more efforts so that one day I can enjoy a celebration.

Well, besides those advantages, it may also leads to some potential problems.
Firstly, people will have more exceptions on you and set higher standards to examine your behaviors and achievements. It will make people be under pressure.
Secondly, victors may concern that their great accomplishments will attract jealousy from others that's why they prefer not showing off and not telling others about their achievements. For example, it is more possible for success men to get murdered or something detrimental by others.

Yes I think people should celebrate their attainments for various reasons. Firstly, it is important for people to have fun and enjoy what they won as it gives them renewed energy and helps to let off some steam. Secondly, people will have fond memories if he or she celebrates it by taking photos. Finally, it is golden opportunity for rewarded people to get together with relatives and to share their experiences and emotions of how they achieved it.

1. Yes, I believe it is essential for celebrating our accomplishments. Firstly, it would give us a chance to thank for friends, colleagues and families who support us and always on our sides during our hard working process. Secondly, we would feel motivated as well as putting more effort on our work. For example, I recall one particular time in my childhood, my mom, and all my siblings gathered around the living room to celebrate my first winning in chess game which was held in my primary school which absolutely made me feel good about myself after many times I had practiced and I didn't forget to thank my dad who had instilled confidence into me.
2. In my opinion, there are probably several reasons for people choosing not to tell their achievements to other people. Firstly, they might think their award is just a little thing and all they need to do is to continue moving forward, take my chess prize, I value internal motivation so I chose not to share my game to my friends . Secondly it would be frustrating thing for someone to be heard and shared successful story of the winner without asking their willing. I remember one specific time, my friend came to me and go on talking about her swimming prizes although she knew I am scared of water and just gave up my swimming course. I think it would be better if she kept her stories for herself until I gain my courage to ask for her advices.

Hello, Simon, thank you for your lessons. Here I have a question for the context for part2. Should I definitely answer the question on the textbook. I mean, for example, there is question like "a gift made by yourself", but I don't have such a experience, instead, I'd like to talk about the time I made a birthday cake with my roommate to celebrate her birthday. If it's allowed. Because my teacher told me that the question is something you made by yourself, you can't talk about something is made by others.

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