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Monday, November 05, 2018


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Hi Simon!
Thanks for your relentless efforts to teach english and particularly IELTS. Now almost 4 years since I passed my IELTS test and I have been working in NHS as a doctor. I am still frequent visitor of your website even I don’t have any test to take but just to improve my english by following your tips. May you have long happy healthy life and You keep on teaching, we really appreciate your work.

Hi Fazliddin

I am still a frequent visitor

have a long happy healthy life

Always hard to remember when your own language does not have an indefinite article. Singular countable nouns usually need some kind of article or determiner unless they are in a set phrase.

"At a university" = it doesn't matter which, maybe I don't know.

"At university" = enrolled in or attending a course at tertiary level.

"At the university" = you know which one I mean, the main university in town, or I have already mentioned which one.

hi Simon

the villagers still retain an attachment to their traditional customs.

Is the expression 'retain an attachment to 'natural here? my English teacher used this phrase verb, but I don't think it is common.

I am very confused.hope you can give me some help.Thank you.

hi Simon

the villagers still retain attachment to their traditional customs.

Is the expression 'retain attachment to 'natural here? my English teacher used this phrase verb, but I don't think it is common.

I am very confused.hope you can give me some help.and Thank you.

I corrected the articles. There are no articles before attachment in my teacher’s sentence.







Both are possible.

Thanks Sandi

Whenever i read a book, of course there are many words that I don't know. If I keep reading with looking up those words in the dictionary, reading can be extremely boring and if i leave those words later, I can't improve my vocabulary.
Can anybody understand my situation. Help me

Hi Simon
I tried to practice the reading exam today but I couldn’t find the answers to the question complete the sentence with the correct ending.

I spent an hour looking for the answers to this question then i tried to guess based on my understanding and i got 3 correct answers out of 5

I was so disappointed because I spent a lot of time practicing reading but i never faced such a question so please help how to find the answers for this question?????


Try and find material on a topic that really interests you. Otherwise it is too boring. I read short stories, environmental and world news articles, historical novels, detective stories. There are indeed many new words, and I struggle to learn even one tenth of them, but just keep going. After all, how did we learn our own language, if not through reading lots of books and stuff, and gradually building a bigger vocabulary? Do not forget the listening too.

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