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Monday, October 29, 2018


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Hi Simon,

Thank you for your perfect lessons :)

I have a question about writing task 2.

You always say to write 2 sentences intro, 5 sentences main body paragraphs, and one sentence conclusion.

But what if we couldn't write 250 words by this method in the exam? where and how could we add more words to reach 250? what should we do in this situation if we had less time left in the exam?

Thank you in advance..

Hello Simon how r u.to my fortune m I saw your website.its Gud for every Ielts student I m weak in all four modules really need your help I did Ielts befor 3 times and always stuck to 6 bands each module I need 8777 for Canada pr please help me. Waiting for your precious reply thank you in advance

Mandeep kaur@
Simon don't have any time to reply comments for every single students or i think its fair he tell us everything in their everyday lesson so if you really want something that you need to understand them look this site and might be you can find lot of things here.

Hi every one,

Should I solely make an keywords table for each statement or benefit from people? Thanks.

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