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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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Thank you :-)

I did a few in spelling, 2 main points of using punctuation ,exclude full stop and using wrong paragraph.

Simon,can I use a dash instead of using parenthesis in the sentence that says " The first structure is a chronological structure (past, present, future)"

Thank you in advance.

By looking at my own transcription,I think I can be a good transcriber :-)

Dear Simon
How can we identify the commas,brackets or quotation marks when we translate the recording?


The punctuation in my transcript was just my own interpretation. For example, I decided to use brackets around the words 'past, present, future', but I also considered using a comma or a dash (which would both be fine too).

The paragraph breaks were my own choices too. There are other places where you could put the paragraph breaks - my choices aren't necessarily the only or best choices.

Thank you very much 😊

I was wondering if it's give details on, give details about or give details of.

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