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Saturday, September 29, 2018


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You are exactly correct Simon. I was actually confused by reading the same kind of essays and was thinking whether to include it or not. Thanks, you made it clear. I follow your structure and I feel that you put it more simple and understandable.

No problem Nivi.

hi simon
what kind of book do you suggest for writing?
if you dont want to share your suggestion, would you like to send me my email your opinion please
thank you

Hi hakan,

I started this blog because I don't think there are any good books. I honestly believe there is far more useful writing material in these lessons than in any IELTS book. Just stay here on my site!


Try taking some IELTS practice tests and answering them in your own language within the sixty minutes allowed, and meeting the Band 9 criteria. After that, I guarantee you will appreciate Simon's approach and framework.

We are often making our task become difficult where it should be easier,

Thanks Simon

Hi Simon
I wanted to get your suggestion.Brainstorming ideas didnt work for me, instead, I am writing better without planning straight after reading the task. Should I continue brainstorming till I'm good at it or I had better write without planning.

I completely agree with Simon's opinions that candidates of IELTS should pick a writing style and practice the same techniques or even a frame. Plus, there are no fixed rules to write an essay, but it does have a better way and suitable style.

hi Simon
I too get stuck if start brainstorming .Rather I paraphrase the question first and then in the mean time ideas start pouring in .
Is this OK ?

@ GS and Shakhzod

One approach that works for me sometimes is just to come up with some relevant examples, decide which point of view they would support, and build the essay round them. This at least has the merit that the examples quoted are relevant to your position.

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Before writing my own essay, I also read a lot of essays to see examples, read some interesting thoughts that I didn’t even think about. But the design of other people's essays doesn't help me, because they are always different. And now I don’t worry about it at all, because a friend advised me essay shark and they write all the essays instead of me. My teachers are happy because the work is of high quality, and I'm glad because I get good grades and more time to work.

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