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Sunday, September 09, 2018


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I’m in the dilemma of whether to get a job or continue my education.

I am uncertain about to a get a job or go to university.

I am wondering about applying for a job to earn some money, or university to study further.

I haven't decided if I should step into society or enrol in tertiary education;

I haven't made decision whether to get a job or continue to my study

I have no idea if I should go for a job as opposed to go to university

i am thinking about to get admission in university or to start work.

I am undecisive of going to a university or getting a job.

Can anyone give me feedback?

I’m trying to apply what we’ve learnt from yesterday lessen into my today practice, here it is: Wether I should find a job or study further is a crucial decision to be made.



Ankit joshi:







Oley: are you into sheep?

I'm wondering about whether to find a job or get admission to university.

I was wondering whether I should start working or continue studying at university.

I am indecisive whether it is better to get a job or enter to university

Mai Nguyen et al

There is a difference between 'indecisive' and 'undecided':



So 'indecisive' suggests a character flaw and has a pejorative connotation, whereas 'undecided' does not.

I am a bit confused if I get a job or go to university.

I have not made up my mind whether to get a job or go to university yet.



I'm contemplating whether to get a job or go to university.

Finding a job or going to university is my big decision right now.

I am working on making a decision about getting a job or joining the university.

---> I am stuck between choosing work or pursue higher studies.

---> The decision to start career or join university is taking time.
---> I have not finalised yet whether I should apply my earlier knowledge or should go for further knowledge

I am thinking about whether to apply for a job or enroll in a university.

I don't know whether I should go for work or university.

I am wondering about find a job or go to university.

I am pondering whether to ...

I am pondering my future: whether to ...


To work, or not to work;
to study, or not to study.
That is the question.
Whether it is better for me
to enrich my mind with a degree;
or to take up true work, and
struggle with all its stress and toil.

Thank you very much ,I prefer to be a ewe haha , first day I typed ‘weather’ yesterday ‘wether’ .This 3 words including ‘whether’ will last in my mind forever haha Thank you again .

Csaj : by the way I love your poem sounds like Shakespeare’s from the Hamlet ‘ to be or not to be , that is the question’ :-)

1、I am thinking whether to land a job or to attend a university.
2、I am not certain if I should seek a job or apply for university.
3、I am struggling with whether to find a job or to go to university.

I am deciding whether to get a job or go to university
I am not entirely sure starting career would be the best option rather than going to university.
I cannot say which path would be practical; going to university or getting a job.
It is difficult to make a choice between continue your education or start a career.
It would be the first big decision that people make in their lives; going to university or get a job


If you look at the context of the only two examples on Google Books carefully, you will see that it is informal:




'big' is often considered informal.

Bilal Iqbal:

... between choosing work or pursue[grammar error here]


about find [grammar error here]

between continue [grammar error here]

going to university or get [grammar error here]

I need to prioritize between job and university.

I am not pretty sure which is better, working or studies at university.
I have no idea whether I should need to get a job or apply to uni.

I am in dilemma about the choice of employment and study at university.
I am confused whether to find a job opportunity or complete a degree.


I would refer you to Csaj's comments and graph to Vinod and hang above


If you look through the examples of 'not pretty sure' you will see that it is mostly used with second conditional in a contra-factual context. I would recommend you avoid the phrase, or thoroughly research exactly when and where you can use it properly.

Secondly, 'pretty' in this sense is colloquial, so avoid in writing:

It is yet to decide whether to apply for a job or enroll for a graduate study.

-> It is yet to be decided whether ...


It would be more normal to use a less-official-sounding, more personal phrase when talking about oneself: ->

I have yet to decide whether ...


I don't know whether to work or study; it's a real dilemma.

I am confused about finding a job or going to university.

I am trying to choose between earning money and getting a bachelor's degree.

'I am confused about finding a job' sounds as if you don't know how to go about it. If you are confused about which to choose, then you need to insert 'whether': I am confused about whether to find ...

i am confused still to go for work/job or apply for further study.


Refer to Csaj's comments to hang further up this page

Thank you very much!

I am thinking that maybe i will go university or to work.

If I will not go to university I am thinking to start to work.

I do not decide yet whether i go to university or to work.

Whenever i will have free time i will think for my future. To university or to get job.

I am two-minded about finding a job or continuing my studies.
I am undecided about applying for a job or attending university.
I am not sure if it is a better idea to apply for a job or attend university.
I am thinking about either taking on a job or attending university.
I am weighting up whether to apply for a job or become a university student.

i am wondering should i move on getting a job or going to futher education.


-> I am in two minds about whether to find ....

-> I am weighing up ....

I am taking a decision to join postgraduate degree or look for a job

I am in two minds of whether should i pursue my studies or should i look for job opportunities

I am not sure whether start looking for work or get enrolled in university.

I am facing with the dilemma of whether secure a job or enrol in tertiary education.

I am not sure what I should do at this moment. Whether should I apply for a job or enroll the other course?

I'm thinking if I should apply for a job or go to a university.

I can't make up my mind about looking for job or enrol university.

sorry there should be 'to' after the word enrol

It is difficult to decide whether I should go for job hunting or apply to university .

I am confused about whether to work or apply to a university.

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