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Monday, September 24, 2018


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Hi Sir Simon,
thank you so much for all things u have done for us!

Hi Simon,

I'd like to get this question answered:

In which basis are the reading topics -in the real IELTS exam- chosen?? I mean, why can some topics be appeared in the exam, while others can't?
Ali M

No problem hang!



The topics are supposed to be 'universal' - accessible to people from any country, culture, area of work, field of study etc.

So, you won't find anything that requires specific knowledge (e.g. a passage or question that requires medical knowledge), and they avoid anything political, religious or controversial.

Dear Simon,
I want to add "Complete IELTS" series to this list because they are authentic and the best studying (not practice) books. That is my opinion.

Dear Simon,
Could I ask your opinion about older versions of IELTS Cambridge (1-8). Are they still useful and are their contents still close to recent exams?
Thank you so much.


From a student's standpoint, there seems to have been no significant changes to IELTS since 2001. See here:


Thanks so much, Gaya!

Hi Simon,
I have a question about reading exercises:

When I try to practice by using your reading practice on your blog, I can get all answers correct. However, my scores is not that ideal when I try to do mock test online, particularly the reading part 3.

I found very difficult to do reading part 3.

Hi, Mr. Simon!

Where can I download those books you've mentioned?

thanks for the reply!

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