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Monday, September 17, 2018


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Hi Simon
I always have difficulty finding appropriate answer for the choosing correct title for passage. The problem is that there are many answers that seems suitable. What is the technique or what should I put emphasis on to get correct answer

Hi Shakhzod

You are not alone. I approach it by reading through the text one paragraph at a time, and tentatively (provisionally) choosing a paragraph heading. If I am not sure I sometimes list two possibilities. Some paragraphs are easy in so far as the first sentence clearly indicates the topic; others more difficult.

From then on it is a process of elimination, and allocating for the best fit. At the end I sometimes have to re-read one paragraph carefully to decide between two or three options remaining.

Hi Sunita

Thanks a lot for attention and some advices. I need to take IELTS in december and I have some drawbacks. Could you give a phone number to ask some questions from you via telegram. It would be easier rathen than through the iels-simon.com

If you dont mind of course. I hope you won't neglect me

Hi everyone,

I'm always confused between FALSE and NOT GIVEN, or NO and NOT GIVEN. I gave wrong answers to questions number 6 and 7 in passage 1, test 3, Cambridge IELTS 10.

Can anyone please explain why they are both NOT GIVEN, while I decided they are FALSE? I already followed Simon's method but still answered incorrectly.

Thank you so much!

I could locate the answers but did not fully understand the relevant parts, especially the part for question 7. Though I read that part of the passage again and again, I can't understand why they are NOT GIVEN. Please help me!

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