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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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Hi simmon ,this is the most difficult section in listening for me also .I am doing most of activities right but here my mind become completely blanked.Hardly i correct fifty percent of such questions .Kindly describe any other technique to get it very well.

It is undoubtedly true that it always takes time to tackle this section, particularly there are more than one this type of question.

@ ehsan ul haw

In the earlier posts, Simon suggested that one way to cope up with this type of question is to select and do many of the multiple choice sections alone with the above-said methodology. For example, if you have a Cambridge IELTS book 5, then extract all the MCQ types and do it one by one, applying the same technique. This helps you to learn the strategies to manage this type of question.

I think, signpost words and phrases will also help in this case.Being familiar with a variety of functional language for offering, making a suggestion and expressing a preference,asking for agreeing ,disagreeing and agreeing as these will help you to do this.

I have one confusion, Can I write answer in singular form and put s in the bracket (s).? If I am not sure about the answer..

Multiple choice section usually in section 3. And this section is now more difficult than previous IELTS book. The format of IELTS 13 is a good example. This section easily cause Ielts takers confused to choose the correct answer.

Thanks Simon, it is good studying.

can i transcribe what i hear during mcqs and find answer later on

Hi Simon
I have a problem with filling gap in Listening part.
I can understand the answer but there is problem with finding proper word for gap.
what should I do to solve it?

Here's a lesson that I wrote with many tips for multiple choice questions:


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