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Friday, August 31, 2018


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Hi, Simon! Here are the results for the two IELTS exams I took in July and August (academic):

L=7, R=9, W=7, S=7, Overall=7.5
L=8.5, R=9, W=7.5, S=7.5, Overall=8

Many thanks for all your videos and various kinds of useful materials! What I would like to point out is that it is important to stay calm when taking exams. If you find it easy to be nervous like me, you can try registering for more than one exam so that you feel "safe" when doing it. And if you have time, please practice the speed of writing! I have to admit that I didn't manage to finish two passages until the last few seconds in both exams...

Congratulation to Amber!

You did an excellent work. Thanks for sharing your tips and experience of taking IELTS. Could you please elaborate more about academic reading section that how you managed the time and other detailed all out efforts?

Looking forward to your positive response!

A great tip!


Congratulations! That's my dream score!

just two questions: 1. How long have you been learning English? 2. How much time on average do you think you've spent each day speaking English?

@ Amber

Many Congratulations for your results! You did a great job on both exams.

Can you please provide me tips you used during preparation of Listening and Reading? Thanks in advance!

Great scores Amber!

I'm happy that my videos and blog lessons helped you to do so well.


shokhrukh, hey. Can we to talk about IELTS? You can find me on Telegram: @beka_mkh

Wait your message!

Hi, I follow your lessons every day. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge, they are really useful to me. there are lots of samples in speaking part 1 and 2, but not for part 3. could you please put more samples of this part???


Strangely, i don't have a Telegram account ( and not even a phone number which must be connected to the account ). Maybe i'll contact you later.


Yes, I'll do some more part 3 lessons soon!

Thank you a lot, Simon. Also, in the tow latest mock exams of mine, the examiner asked me tow questions in part 2 that I could not develop well. One of them was this: describe a time that you were late(where it was, what do you feel, what happened in the end), and another was: describe a talk or speech that you've recently seen. I am not sure that I can find them on your website or not.

Hello amber, congratulations on your success, please can you share tips as regards reading that helped you.

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