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Sunday, July 15, 2018


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Dear Simon,
I've never ever met a world-class person in a real life. I often read in a magazine in terms of architecture, and I follow a person who is a world-class architect. I'm really impressed with him regarding him and his colleagues are doing meditation each day in his company. ( About him; https://www.archdaily.com/office/vo-trong-nghia-architects)
There are some aspects to get mastered a skill, like learning about a master of skill, repeating and copying, I suppose.
By the way, I try to learn English about you, Simon. Thanks

I feel confident when I master all skills of IELTS.
So I want to learn key strategies of each type question .To pass IELTS we need a method for every style of question.Master of any skill comes through practice.

I just try to be mastered in IELTS exam
I hate practising even I know the key of success in this exam that I should
I'll try! :)

Hi Everyone

I would like to share my friend's story about a world class surfer.
When she practises surfing, She always makes a goal in each session.
After that, she analyses her performance and practises as many times as possible and more than anyone else until she masters the trick. Then she moves on to the next step.
She just kept going until she won the world title of surfing.

I believe that analysing your performance and repeat practising lots are the key to achieve your goal.

To read and review for two times is always my method. These days I'm preparing myself for an entrance exam and I see this method is really effective. But it's about time intervals between reviews. I don't let these intervals get too long.

Hi Simon,

thank you for giving this interesting question.

For me, I am trying to master my English, in another word will be training my learning foreign language skills. Although I didn't have any amazing score in foreign language certifications or met world-class level people, I do have some idea to share.

Since I was a kid, I have tried out lots of different way to learn languages, such as listen to good podcasts, study with group or download the mobile apps to study; all of them are very helpful but not enough. For me, it feels like a dinner without an main course.

The main course for me is a realistic reason, I need something to give me the drive, otherwise I will get lost on the learning journey.


Thanks to those of you who commented and shared your ideas above.

If you want to read more about this topic, here's a link to (probably) the best book I've read on it:


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