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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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Sir, not to be rude but, I think ted.com is different from TED-Ed.

Useful phrases form first minute

- cope without sleep
- ability to identify objects by touch
- struggle to concentrate
- short-term memory
- long-term psychological or physical damage
- hormonal imbalance
- in extreme cases

Useful phrases form second minute

- sleep-inducing chemicals
- a light doze
- heart rate slow down
- our bodies replenish themselves for the day ahead
- be sleep-deprived
- a minor inconvenience
- cause serious bodily harm

Useful phrases form third minute

- untimely death
- stroke risk
- for a handful of people on the planet
- inherited genetic mutation
- a nightmarish state of wakefulness
- entering the sanctuary of sleep
- progressively worsening condition
- sleep deprivation
- immense suffering
- accumulation of waste products
- waking hours
- energy sources

Useful phrases form the last part of the video

- various byproducts
- build up = to increase or become greater
- urge to sleep
- waste products
- collectively overload the brain
- negative symptoms of sleep deprivation
- a clean-up mechanism
- immune cells
- restorative mechanisms (restorative - something that makes you feel better or more energetic if you are feeling tired or ill)
- slipping into slumber (slumber = sleep)

Ngoc Ninh,

This video came from the ted.com home page. They have different sections and different types of videos, but it's all TED.

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