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Saturday, July 14, 2018


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thanks a lot
I read many methods about how to prepare ielts
but I found that I can't study efficiently

Dear Simon, I'm sturggling with finding relevant ideas for the question " Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices simon ielts " To what extend do you agree or disagree. Could you please give me a hint what I could write? The word "too" confuses me.

@ Mark

Simply googling "too many choices" brings up:


"We are literally turning ourselves into obsessive-compulsive comparison shoppers as we try to wade through the astronomical array of possible choices of experiences, relationships, material goods, and advice that is literally at our fingertips."


"In Barry Schwartz’s seminal book, “The Paradox of Choice,” we learn that while choice is a vital part of autonomy and fundamental to our well-being, too much choice has a cost, and our obsession with it contributes to bad decisions, anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction, paralysis, and even depression."




You'll have to choose which ones to read. Hope I haven't given you too many choices.

Simon sir,
How can map question in IELTS be solved.I get lost in such question.In which area I have to focus?

@ Pachu

Usually there are either two maps, or different (shaded or hatched) areas showing developments on the one map. As far as Task Achievement is concerned, one needs to focus on the differences (and perhaps remaining similarities).

One way to organise the report is to select the two main features (for instance, traffic issues and town center redevelopment) and highlight them in the overview. Then follow with one paragraph for each point giving supporting detail: that is third para details traffic, and fourth town center, in the above example.

Be careful not to miss anything significant.





@ lin

I do not understand exactly what you mean by "study efficiently".

To me, it is like learning to play the violin or piano. You need a set time every day of the week. Most days I play at 4.00 pm. It becomes a habit: it's that time of day.

The other thing is you need not just a program, but something that interests you, and a bit of fun. It is mostly ear training. If you want to play jazz, listen to lots of jazz. If you want to play classical, listen to classical. If you want to speak English well, listen to English, all varieties, anything that interests you, over and over again, until you can reproduce it.

what kind the person you are ? Are you busy as bee to surfing , google all day long , when you lack of ideas for writing .. etc... or you know there are no best way to study perhaps you are lazy.

and a lots of excuse you are making

@ lin

I notice you wrote "study" efficiently not "learn" efficiently. Some people have the idea that one learns a language by "studying" it in much the same way as learning physics, or biology: that is, there are lots of facts to learn.

In my view, learning a language is different. It is more a skill than knowledge. One does not learn a violin, or learn to swim, by reading about it and understanding the concept. No, without a violin one cannot learn to play, and without water one cannot learn to swim.

Children learn a language before they can read or write, and in the past many people were illiterate but spoke one or sometimes more languages. So "studying" is not essential. Yes, it may well be that studying grammar, speeds things up in the beginning; but there is a flip side in that it does not come out automatically.

When you read English do you pronounce the words inside your head? Unfortunately English spelling provides only a rough guide to correct pronunciation. You can only get the correct pronunciation by listening and knowing the sound before you read. So too much reading is not going to help your pronunciation.

So listening: how to make it fun: sing-along. Do not look at the lyrics. Just keep trying to sing along. Here's a famous song which inspired many. It's quite old now but the words are clear.


And the real thing live with audience:


Incidentally she released an album in 2017, to commemorate her centennial year, and it was a number 3 hit, making her the oldest recording artist in the world and first centenarian performer to have an album in the charts.

If you wish to learn Mandarin try this (not my site):


Good luck !

Dear Simon, my IELTS score is 6.0 overall with Reading, Writing and Listening at 6.0 and Speaking at 5.0. I need a study plan to learn by myself with the target of 6.5 overall in the next two month.
Could you please help me with some advices?
How should I learn with the Cambridge book (which contain test samples)?

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