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Thursday, June 14, 2018


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Thank you Simon.

thanks :)

Hi Simon
Thanks for the information. I have one question: i can finish reading section in 40 minutes based on practice tests with a score between 8-9, can i use the remaining time to do writing task or i need to wait for the 1 hour of the reading section with nothing else to do?


The reading and writing exams are separate, so use the time to check your answers

Thanks :)

i could not develop a specific strategy to extract the main points from the paragraph. i find this step harder than the language itself

Hello, Simon . I used your blog during my own preparation for the IELTS, and got band 8 ( R 8.5 ; L 8.5 W 7 ; S 7 ). However, I want to retake it .

I need your advice in Task 1. Some teachers (liz, for example)after makingredients some comparisons in the Overall, describe each line separately. However, you use a different techniques. Are they equally good ? Can use both methods ?
Thanks in advance!

I need your advice in Task 1 . Some teachers after comparing some trends in an Overall, describe each line separately. However, you use a different method. Are they equally good?
Sorry for the misspellings above .


The risk when you describe each line separately is that you are not really comparing the figures.

I prefer to compare the lines at specific points (usually at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the time period). Examiners want to see comparisons.

Hi Simon,

I have a question for you. I'm studing an upper intermediate IELTS course but I want to practice more. Can you recommend me some sources or books that I can learn?

Thank you very much.

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