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Friday, June 08, 2018


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hi simon, why you not updated something about general writing task 1

Dear Simon,
I appreciate your kind efforts. Any newsletter for students?

please simon upload about general task 1

Hi Simon,

Here is my recent exam topic, unfortunately i forgot the follow-up questions.

Describe a law that you want to implement in your country.

I found this quite difficult. Can you give an example for this topic. Thanks


For general writing task 1, have a look through all of the lessons on this page:


I'll add another GT writing task 1 lesson soon.



This blog is really my newsletter to students. Just visit the site every day and you'll see a new lesson.



There's some advice about that question here:


Dear sir,
There is a topic about a building you like. I find there are few distinctive buildings in my place for me to talk about.Besides,I am not good at describing exterior design of buildings. Can I describe a shopping plaza(4-storey) for this topic? Can I mainly focus on talking about the interior facilities and functions?
Hopefully, I could hear your reply soon.Thank you, sir.

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