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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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Hi Simon,
'you stay switched on and engaged in different situations'
'Stay switched on' in this case, what does it mean?
I paraphrase the question that you get my thought: 'You remain to quickly know about and take place in different situations.'


We use the phrasal verb 'switch on' when talking about lights or electronic devices e.g. I switched my computer on.

So, 'switched on' as an adjective has this kind of meaning: you're ready, alert, responsive.

Hi simon. Could you please tell us how "thought-through" can be used in writing task 2?
Can we say "my thought-through point of view/opinion is?

If the answer to a question in ielts listening is in plural form for instance, competitions and someone answers competition which is in singular form will he/she be marked wrong?

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