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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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Thanks for these helpful tips one thing btw i am in great problem with mcq task what can i do for this mcq section?

Yes, sir. You're my super trainer.

Simon sir,
Please make tips and technique for map questions and vocabulary use.

but I face problem in section 2&3, where in fast speaking is really hard to me finding answer. I always suffer in tricks & traps in section 2&3.plz sir suggest something effective for me.

In writing task 1, I'm always struggling with finding the necessary information to write about even after watching your Writing task 1 course. Could you please tell me if I will lose lots of marks if I fail to refer to a few information on the diagram?

In Vietnam, IDP's going to organize IELTS tests on the computer (optional). If you choose to take IELTS on the computer, you will do Writing, Listening and Reading via computer. I think it would be difficult to use the traditional tips on the computer. What is your opinion about this kind of test?

If writing Task 1 is a diagram or map, then it is usually necessary to mention all the labelled items to complete the task.
If Task 1 is a graph or chart, the task instruction is usually something like "select/summarize the main features", so the situation is slightly different.

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