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Saturday, April 14, 2018


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What are the methods suggested by you.

1. Listening, Listen carefully word by word. Try to distinguish between singular and plural, this is really helpful. For MCQS, listen carefully whole talk or conversation. Underline keywords and get the gist of long talk.

2. Writing, first increase reading habit. The more you read the more you know about sentence structure. Learn adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, and place them correctly. Write complex sentences as many as possible. Bring your writing samples to your teacher for checking. Correct grammatical errors.

3. Reading, I'm confused. I've no particular ideas.

4. Listening and Read. Talk to your friends and family. Talk to yourself. Watch speaking videos on YouTube.

Dear Simon, this is Ebi Tahassoni (you wrote to me about your ebook if you remember). I've emailed you a seminar invitation. Would be grateful if you checked it out and got back to me. Cheers and thanks :)


Hi Simon

Thanks for your advise.

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