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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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Hi Simon,
The picture depicts the body of an essay with four parts i.e. introduction, main body(2 paragraphs) and the conclusion.

First two lines show the two sentence introduction and the between the first line of the two paragraph illustrates the main idea and remain lines show describing, paraphrasing and an example.And at last one line conclusion...

I guess the number of line above is the number of sentence that we have to write on task 2. Intro: 2, each body has to be 5 sentences and conclusion is one sentence. But not sure about what colors mean.

We need to to write four parts in an essay. :)
I assume that the purple lines are the core. the variety of color lines implies the connection with the core.
In the body 1, the gray one means the same idea but different descriptions.
In the body 2, three types of color lines means that different aspects of an idea support the purple line.

Hi Simon
in this gragh you try to show how we can respond to every type of Ielts task 2, Firstly 2 lines of blue in above want to show level of introdution which contain with topic plus answer and in the next 5 colour ( paragragh 3 ) you mentioned with one of important answer with blue line and another 4 lines left are your opinion with ( Firstly, secondly, and Finaly)

and in the section 3 you start again with another answer who you told on in introduction with show one line blue and continue your answer in this way ( answer/opinion, explain, example)

and in the final line i think you want to show conclusion with same line blue who that show us your mean is conclusion most be just the same answer in introduction.

thank you
best wishes

This is the complete structure of an essay which is comprised on four main components. The first component is represented by blue colour. This blue colour shows the two paraphrased sentences of introduction for an essay. While third blue line followed by gray and others coloured (four) lines illustrating the first ideal paragraph. This components have five sentences

On the other hand, again a blue bar line taken from another part of introduction. This is second paragraph which elaborates the second thesis statement along with an example (orange and blue lines). The green line show the end of statement.

Finally, the blue line is showing the conclusion.

O my God.simon reAlly hats off to your method of explanation.actually that is what i wanted

These coloured lines are a structure of 13 sentences for the task2 IELTS writing.
In blue/purple colour, the two sentences of the introduction, the first sentences of Paragraph 1 and 2 and the Conclusion must have paraphrasing topics.

It seems to me that the first paragraph in graduated grey colours is gradually building up the one negative opinion or an idea.
And the second paragraph has three positive sides of opinions or ideas in three different colours with orange, blue and green. There is slightly lighter orange colour in the 3rd sentence of the paragraph2, and this could be an example of the 2nd sentence in paragraph2.

Hello sir,
I'm here to ask u about my upcoming exam of IELTS on 24th March,I would like to know that which essay will going to be ask on that date.
If there is any suggestions related to task-2 so please share with me because I'm very much worried.
I just want the ideas not the particular topic.

1st paragraph for introduction, 2nd and 3rd for the body which will have one main sentence to present the main topic of each paragraph and the last paragraph about the conclusion to talk about which main content represented by writer.

Para1: topic introduction+ your idea
Para2: topic sentence
negative idea stated progressively by degree
Para3: topic sentence
3 positive ideas:
idea 1 + example
idea 2
idea 3
Para4: repeat your idea

I think blue bars represent the most important sentences in an essay: the thesis statement, the topic sentences and the concluding sentence. BTW, I noticed that Simon opens almost every essay with "it is true that". Would it be OK if candidates use this expression in IELTS exams?

The introduction should be used as the topic sentences of the body paragraphs and restated in the conclusion.

The different colours in the body paragraphs may mean use many examples to support the topic sentence.

I might understand the mental map.

All blue bars require task response which means that you must answer the question.

Gray bars in second paragraph require logical arugmuent that might be negative idea. You should develop your idea following a gradation.

Other colors, orange, light blue and green in third paragraph, demand several reasons to strengthen your main idea. Light orange bar is an example sentence. Others are supportive ideas.

I think that the number of lines mean the number of sentences.
So intruduction inculde 2 sentences and conclusion consists of only one sentence

In addition, the color means the idea.
In body one, there is one main idea and following sentences have similar colours which means they support the main sentence

In this respect, body 2 contain two main ideas and have supporting sentences each.

Introduction two sentences first one to introduce the topic and one thesis sentence (my opinion)
two body pargraphs starting with a topic sentence
a conclusion to restate my opinion
this is inspired from your previous lessons.

Hi all
I think the first two blue lines are about the question and a general answer to it.
The third blue line is answering one aspect of the question in Idea, Explain and example format.
In the third paragraph, the 4th blue line is answering the question in another way but it is a firstly, secondly, finally type of answer.
The last paragraph is repeating the idea of blue lines, meaning answering the question in other words.

P1: The first 2 lines: question and answering the question in a general way.

P2: The first line: topic sentence answering one aspect of the question
2nd line: idea
third line: the idea.
4th line: example.
fifth line: result or consequence which is relating topic sentence with the idea given

P3: the first line: topic related to another aspect of the question.
2nd line: the first idea.
third line: an example of the first idea
4th line: second idea
fifth line: the third idea.

P4: repeating whatever has been said in the first paragraph and topic sentences

The first two lines are about introductory ideas or paraphrasing thr ideas

Next five stripe lines include advantages for the given reasons.

Third 5 lines describe disadvantages about given phenomenon

Eventually, last unique line summarise the ideas and gives opinion which generally known as conclusion.

P1´╝Ütopic+your idea
P2: repeat your idea and state a negative/ill-favored view by steps
P3: repeat your idea and state a positive/favored view+explanation+example+significance+how to do it
P4: summarize

it's an excellent idea,it's helping us(learners) clearly to get so much
thank u dear simon sir from Bangladesh.

Hi Simon,

I think the first two paragraph represented introduction part of your mental picture. The first purple sentence is introduction of your topic and second purple sentences is giving some ideas regarding the your mental picture.

Hence there will be two main paragraph are represented to give some more detail about your mental picture such as your skills, behaviours.
Your positive characteristics are given with more detail in first paragraph and negative or need improved characteristic given with detail in the second main paragraph.

And last paragraph is conslusion for your mental picture. Herein your positive and negative characteheristic compared and giving some ideas as a result about your mental picture.

Onur B.

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