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March 08, 2018


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No point of comparison.

It is very easy to explain and there is no other line to compare whit.

There is no clarity about values, unit on Y axis.

No clarity about "year" on X axis. Only months are given.
Hence the subject and content of the graph are unclear.

Because there isn't comparison.

I think because there is only one graph which can not be compared with any tnihg, also there is only one peak in graph and it has no specific details to discuss about.

I think it's about weather. Month and temperature

The information given by this graph is too little to make any practical deduction or conclusion. It only tells us some variable is changing as time goes on, which gradually rises to its peak value in August and then approximately falls back down to its original level in January. Well maybe some mathematician would argue that there are still quite a bit of detailed information like how fast is the value changing and so on but that would just sound nerdy for a language exam like this.

Because there is nothing to explain :D

In my opinion, I agree with Murad; there is not another line to compare. IELTS Task1 is always compared with more than three categories or explain a process of something.If we are aiming to get a high score in IELTS writing task1, we have to practise using comparison vocabularies and sentences.

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There is only one line which means you don't have enough information to compare in order to get a well-organised Task 1 report.

We can consider Y axis as the increasing number of population (in thousands ) and X axis as time(Yearly). Then we can discuss it.

I think... rather than no comparison, it's the absence of the exact topic that make it a bad practice. If there are some exact topics to be discussed, I mean the vertical axis should be given an exact meaning instead of just numbers or proportions

I think writing about this line graph doesn't show your ability to make comparisons and to analyze.

I reckon it is only one line,and there is no others to compare with. Besides, we have no idea Y-axis stands for.

That said graph is not good enough for practice because the month axis is not properly labeled. There is also only one line graph which means comparisons or contrasts can be too limited.

hard to make a comparison?

because there was no significance value for analysis one graph

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