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Sunday, March 04, 2018


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These are some collocations that i found:
a nice, peaceful trip
a half-empty train
a reserved seat
find an available seat
manage to find a seat
the train filled up
the main station concourse
noisy fans
a train full of
a big match
cannot concentrate on any work
excited fans
a comfortable seat
sit back and relax
a couple of hours
friendly and good-natured

1.Going to describe
2.A nice peaceful trip
3.A half-empty train
4.Prepaid ticket
5.Noisy fans
6.A cup of coffee
7.Travelling by train
8.Couple of hours
10.made sure

I took last year

I’ve made the same journey

I was due in London

I drove in to

a nice, peaceful trip on a half-empty train

loud voices and singing coming from the main station concourse

managed to find a seat before the train filled up
noisy fans

being interrupted by laughter, singing and football stories

In the end

sat and relaxed

watching and listening to the excited fans
sit back and relax

would have preferred a quieter trip

friendly and good-natured

Some of the ones I found very useful:

prepaid ticket
(main) station concourse (as I has never heard the word "concourse" before)
fill up (the train filled up)
all in all

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