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March 16, 2018


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Hi simon
Its good to see your work done to help others . I really need ur help to improve my speaking and writing band from 6.5 although i got 8.5 and 8 in reading and listening

Hi Simon, please how do i improve in my speaking task 3? Because of time I always try to rush cover up time, thereby making a mistake. Please what is your advise? Thanks

I imagine that cities will be full of high rising buildings and fsncy towers. And there will be
no cars and pollution will be at its lesser extent . Some morals and guiding principles won't be fully welcomed among wide range of people because of severe decline in each individual's attitudes and behaviors

I am really trying to project into 50years from now. well i imagine there will be quite overpopulated cities, going by the current trend now. A lot of rocket science technology will be in place with both positive and negative effects. For example, humans will be able to fly to places with attached machines and wings with negative impact on global warming. At the same time, lots of electric cars will replace petroleum cars and will positively impact the environment.

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