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Friday, March 09, 2018


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Thanks, Simon.

Dear Simon,
Thank you for all your useful suggestions on the blog. I am not only benefit from preparing IELTS skill but also improving my English level. Thank you Thank you very much from my bottem of my heart.
I've just done my ielst today but I wasn't lucky encough. Unfamiliar articals in both writing and reading. However, I would like to share my test articals.
My writing essay was about when designing a building people think about indoor functional than its appearance. Do you agree or disagree?
Reading was about - black hole, food package and yawning.
Speaking part 2 was about the sportsman you admire.
Hopefully the resource can be used for you to teach students and future candidates for the examination.

I am quite confused about " in the end" or "at the end"
which one should we use?

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