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Friday, March 02, 2018


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Here some collocations and grammatical phrases as well as new words to me could be found:
1. made the same journey
2. due in/ on/ at = expected to arrive
3. drove in to
4. a nice, peaceful trip
5. my first surprise came
6. a reserved seat number
7. I would have to find
8. an available seat
9. station concourse
10. a big match
11. Luckily I managed to find
12. noisy, excited fans
13. a bad journey
14. I would have preferred a quieter trip
15. football fans were all friendly and good-natured
16. even so = however

I hope I could read it last month. I had a "car journey" topic and this article can help me for my speaking exam. Fortunately, I passed it with a score band I wanted to.

When I speak specially talk to my friends and family if they ask me particular things I make answer or say "Yeah" "Yeap" "Ya". Actually, could I say those words with all people like guests, teachers..... Is acceptable in IELTS test?????


Hey Simon
are you a football fan ?
seems like you are not hahah

Hello, I would like to know if traveling by airplane is counted as public transport.

Hi Simon, I've a query on speaking part 2 section. Most of my students feel that they've to stick to the tense used in the cue card. In fact, they fear to venture out and use a range of tenses. For example, if the cue card is to " talk about a place you would like to visit", they try to only speak with sentences containing "would".
Any pointers on this?

Hi Simon,
I think we can this topic or situation as an answer to the questions about "noise". Am I right.
I mean, I was travelling from ... to... Football fans made a noise. Initially, it was intolerable to some extent, because I found it hard to concentrate on reading a book, which I intended to complete until the end of the journey. Eventually, I adjusted to this noise and surprisingly, I started to enjoy this noisy environment :)

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