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Friday, March 30, 2018


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Hey Simon! i would like to have some books for ielts prepration of task 2 and letter ..will you recommend me some??

Describe a favourite toy that you had when you were a child.

I want to thank you for the time that you have allowed me to describe a toy that i bought when i was a child . It happened when i was in the penultimate year of the primary school maybe i was 9 years old or so . Thanks to my father who kept his word i could be able to purchase this toy as he told me that he would buy me a game console if i got high marks in the exams . I did unprecedented efforts to make myself and my family proud and i was keen to get the higest marks . Anyway, as soon as i got my degree certificate i found a big box placed on the table of my private room and i didn't know what was in it . I decided to open it and eventually i found a car toy with remote control . I was so happy that i didn't know how to thank my father and at that very moment i realised how is caring about me .

The reason why i admired this toy deeply is that i was the first kid in the suburb to have such a toy that made me very proud whenever i walked in the street . And as children we called this car 'speed racer' . I and my friends used to gather at my parent's house every Thursday to play with it .

 I will never forget that particular moment in my childhood period because something happened that i wasn't expecting. One day my 'speed racer' didn't want to move for some reason and my friend tried to press several buttons in the remote set to try to move it. but our frist surprise came when the car started to make some loud noises as if it has broken down . Luckily my father managed to fix it . All in all , it wasn't a bad childhood memory and as soon as i got memories related to this period in my life in my mind i become most grateful .

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