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Monday, March 19, 2018


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Those are definitely effective ways to improve our reading and writing also. We need to catch all the words separately.

@Thanks @Sir_Simon

I bought a book that contains probably all the important words of Cambridge IELTS test books. I just start to learn them.

The book is named by "Cambridge Vocabulary"

Is it really helpful? ??


It would be helpful if you can manage to work through all twenty-five units over the next six months. Keeping interested and motivated is important. Those people who have achieved Band 7+ in IELTS have one thing in common: they did not give up.

I'm now at Unit 16 and still on progress. I find it very useful to learn new words and also tips to achieve all tasks.

They are not free, Simon. I have to sign up and pay money per month if I want to read

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