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March 13, 2018


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i couldn't agree more :)

Hello, Simon
I am sorry if this is not the most suitable place to put this message.

I am very interested in knowing your opinion about the problem discussed in the following article. I find it relevant in my preparation for IELTS writing.



Band 9 talks about "natural" English. As "they/their" has been (and still is) widely used to avoid "he/she", it would seem unnatural to mark it down as not being grammatically correct. To my mind, either approach would sufficiently demonstrate an awareness of gender issues in contemporary/academic English and at least one approach to dealing with them.

Thank you so much. I have been practicing listening English and I can see my improvement day by day. I find that English is an important part of my life. My life will be boring without it.

Thank you Fruzi! I appreciate your response.

Thank you so much. By the way I wonder of listening while you're sleeping. Is this useful?


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