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Sunday, March 25, 2018


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Hi Mister Simon
Can you explain the exercise in Friday lesson?
Shall we do this exercise using our sample answers ?

I'm struggling with reading. I just follow two techniques.

1. First going back to answers and then retuning to questions. Trying to assume why the answer is this particular part of the passage.

2. Matching key words.

Any more tips.????



As Simon advised, you first need to identify your weakness. Are you getting questions wrong in reading because:

1. You are too slow and your time management needs improving
2. There are too many words you don't understand
3. You are making more mistakes in one question type than another (for example, in Yes/No/Not given)
4. You are struggling to find the part of the text with the answer
5. You are not reading ANSWER OPTIONS carefully enough (not just the text)

In my experience, the main thing the causes poor reading scores is a lack of understanding what the main problems are. If you can isolate the issues, then you can focus on them and reduce their impact.

This has always been my problem as well. I don't think I generate good ideas enough to support them. This is what I find tough in the writing part ughh


So what I should do for better understanding of the reading passages. For instance, get the meaning of new or unknown words, paraphrasing, key words matching, skimming and so on.

What's is your advices in this regard.

Thanks @sjm

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