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Saturday, March 24, 2018


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I'm certainly motivated by teaching styles, your voice and your accent. You really put something which is really perfect for IELTS. Lastly,you're very dedicated to your learned.


I watched your full video lesson.

Thank you simon! It's really useful.

Sir Simon
I got my result recently and scored 8 bands overall.
L = 8.5, R = 8.5, W = 6.5, S = 7.5
I followed your lessons and I was so sure that I would get 7 band in writing but that didn’t happen.

Honestly, this was shocking for me as I didn’t expect this. Should I go for re-checking or re-exam?

Please advise me.


Perhaps ask yourself:

1) How was the situation different two or three hundred years ago? Traditional versus modern views.

2) How is the situation different for people living in rich industrialized cities versus people in poorer or war-torn, or remote mountainous rural areas/countries?

3) What extremist/revolutionary/religious views on the topic are there?

Just to provoke some ideas.

More on phrasal verbs:

Looking at the following charts, it seems some phrasal verbs are less used in books than their equivalents. However, checking the items on Google books shows that these phrasal verbs still do come up in non-fiction writing, albeit less frequently and less in purely academic texts.

This might mean that some phrasal verbs should be avoided more in Task 1, which is an academic task, but are okay in Task 2, which is not. There are, of course, other phrasal verbs, such as "level off", which are widely used in academic texts and thus perfectly suited for Task 1.







Dear Simon,
If your page had a like button like Facebook, I would give you thousands of likes. Thank you for being so helpful!
Besides practicing, having someone to check my writings is also very important, especially when I'm self-studying for the test. Recently I've found a site called Essayforum that corrects people's writings for free. I wonder if it's trustworthy. And what if the examiners there have a different writing style than yours? If you know about them, I'd love to hear your comment.
(also love to hear everyone's opinions about finding sites to correct writings)
Have a good day everyone!

@Zain: you should probably have it rechecked if you're confident that it should have been a 7. Most of my friends did that and their scores went up with an additional .5 points.

Hi Simon, I always visit your website instead of going to my English teacher. I have learned so much from you and your students here, as well as to your co-moderators. I just took Acad Ielts yesterday and I am really hoping that I applied correctly what I learned from here. I will be updating you since I think you deserve to know that your website have helped many students aiming to achieve their targeted band scores. Cheers! 😄


When I visit a website and I see non natives giving other non natives specific error correction, I get worried. The problem is that you just don't know the level of their English, and I have seen hundreds of pieces of bad advice given over the years that has damaged people's test scores. I'm not saying that non natives cannot give advice, but you cannot expect people whose English is not at an extremely high standard to be able to identify all errors and unnatural vocabulary.

When I write in a foreign language, I always get my writing checked by an expert and focused native speaker, and this is especially important if you are preparing for a test.


I would be interested to know if you had your writing assessed by experts before you did the test, and whether you were told that your writing is at the 7+ level. If you didn't , then you are using the test for feedback, which is not a good idea because you don't get any.

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