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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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Dear Sir, written essay is really an outstanding way of answer. Can you tell me how much time usually you consumed when you write essay?
looking far ward to hearing from you.

Dear Sir, written essay is really an outstanding way of answer. Can you tell me how much time usually you consumed when you write essay?
looking far ward to hearing from you.

Dear Simon,

Is it possible to practice IETLS Writing on my own?
Because I do not have anyone to check my work, I cannot know what I need to improve further.

Thanks a lot.

Hello Simon,
Your writing essay is really astonishing and makes me motivated.
Hope someday I am also able to write like this?

Hi Simon and everyone.

I have a question.
How can I build a plan which is logical, well-organised and simple like you.
I have seen Simon's video lesson about planning on writing task 2.
I understand to write all related words on a paper and try to organise an each sentence whether which topic go first and write number.
However, If I could plan an essay like your plan above, it would be much easier to write five sentences with around 20 words each.

Hi Tae

It is largely a matter of practice, and reading around likely IELTS topics so that one has something to say. Unfortunately there were some parts of the world, such as South Korea, where schoolchildren did not get much practice in planning and writing essays. May I suggest you simply practice planning, without actually writing the essay? There are plenty of sites on the internet which provide sample Task 2 questions if you care to google around.


The other approach is to come up with examples you can use, and then build your essay round those. It really matters little what your viewpoint is, as long as you are answering the question. What is important is that your examples actually support your stance, so tailoring your response to the examples you have is one way to go.


To me, it always seems easier to write a one-sided essay rather than constantly switching sides. Just bundle examples into two main points/paragraphs, with a topic sentence and explanation. Of course sometimes one must write both sides of an issue if the question so asks, or requires both advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of whether people always gain benefit from working hard, the trend is usually seen as positive because it can help people obtain good achivements. In education, the learners who study and review subjects at a regular basis can master the knowledge, which greatly contributes to examination passing, good grades and career progression. When people graduate from schools and start a job, this habit of hard work can increase productivity. In fact, most industrious people rise to the top in their workplaces. However, people working excessively can become obsessed with perfection or competition. To ensure no mistake in a project or to surpass other people, they spend almost time and energy on working, so they may neglect family relationships, be more irritable and become stressed.


"the trend is " -> this trait is

"obtain good achievements" (note spelling): this phrase comes up only nine times on google books, (written by non-native speakers). I would suggest: "because it can lead to great achievements", or "because it can put/set people on the road toward great achievements", or "lay the foundation for great achievements".


at a regular basis -> on a regular basis

graduate from schools -> graduate from college (college is vaguer)

"they spend almost time and energy on working, so they may" -> they spend so much time and energy that they may...

one way ( a great way i think ) to improve your written english so that it sounds more natural would be to learn all the phrases, collocations and even individual sentences
in the paragraph above by heart and use them exactly the way they are to write essays on similar topics related to hardworking.

( just a suggestion )

* almost always seen as a positive trait or
* In the realm of education, in an employment
* diligently follow instructions, pass their
exams, achieve good grades
* take their first steps on the path to a
successful career
* the most motivated, industrious and committed
* rise to the top and become leaders or experts
in their fields
* desire to work hard can become an unhealthy obsession with perfection, outcompeting others or being the best
* neglect family and relationships
* become stressed and irritable
* positive trait has surely become detrimental

Hi quango

Thank you for your advices.
I am going to practice ONLY planning essays which actually I have not done before.

"Just bundle examples into two main points/paragraphs, with a topic sentence and explanation"
I will think about above, try to keep a plan as simple as possible and I hope my mind would not be so confused.

Thank you. :)


I'm glad that people like my way of writing. Of course, it's not as easy as it looks to write like this. I've had many years of writing paragraphs and essays in my native language (English), so I've becoming better at essay writing over time, and with lots of practice!

Hi, Simmon. I have just found this website of yours and it is really helpful. Thank you. This is my second paragraph.
I believe there are three major factors contributing to the attitude of how hard-working people choose to be. One key factor that makes people become more self-disciplined is the positive atmosphere of their bring-ups. If a child is surrounded by their important family members who believe in the value of hard work, This child will be more likely to follow these role models and become diligent in the future. On the other hand, pressure from society also drives people to become more studious. For example, if someone finds he or she in a society where people with higher education are more commonly well-paid and respected, he or she then has to strive for these goals. Finally, It seems to me that a true passion in a certain field can certainly make someone hard-working, as they would enjoy a process of complete immersion in the job.

Here a really simple version of Simon's paragraph, too simple to score well in IELTS:


Hard workers - people look up to them. At school, they do what they are told, do well, breeze on through, and are off to a good start in life. It is much the same at work. Like Winston said, it takes blood, sweat and tears to get to the top and get to be the boss or Mister Big at something. Too much hard stuff for too long can turn people all manic and nit-picky though. They are always under the pump trying to come out on top and be number one. Sometimes people work so hard and family and friends come second or they get all bitchy and on edge. That is when what was once something good has turned out real bad.

I'm not sure if i'm missing something here but i see the length of the essay is almost half of what's expected for a task-2 essay. Wouldn't this become a cause for underlength penalty?


This is just part of an essay. It is one paragraph from a 4-paragraph essay.

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