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Friday, February 23, 2018


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Thanks for your advice Simon!

Hi simon,
Your website is really beneficial in enabling students to prepare for the test. Could you give some ideas about how to prepare for the cue card a river or lake in your country? Also could we describe an activity near the sea for it, such as, snorkelling? I have the exam on 3rd march, it'd be great if you give me some ides.

Hi Simon!
I got to know about your blog only recently so I only checked a few of your recent posts. They really helped me a lot in preparing for the test. Thank you a lot!!!
I just took the Speaking test today in Vietnam and I kinda have this confusion which I would really appreciate your opinion on (to the allowed extent of course).
So I only have some of your latest posts and some videos I saw on youtube for reference, but my questions today were comparably more academic? than I had expected.
First Part 1 went smoothly and I answered the questions pretty fluently, and in Part 2 I was asked to describe a lake, a river or a water source? where I lived. It was okay, not something unexpected, until Part 3 when I got asked a few questions that I couldn't really give proper answers to because I had little to none knowledge about (well I might do but I hadn't expect them at all so I messed up). So first I was asked what kind of jobs were associated with rivers, then about the efforts that had been made to preserve river wildlife and rivers in general? (sorry that my memory isn't 100% accurate). Then he asked me about developing tourism on rivers? And finally my opinion on ocean pollution and if there would be a realistic solution to somehow clean up the ocean at this point.
Do you think these kinds of questions are totally normal and expected in Part 3 of the Speaking Test, or is there any possibility that I was asked more difficult questions later on because I did well at first and they wanted to challenge me more to see if I deserved a higher band or not?
Your comment would be really appreciated.
Thank you very much and I think I would've messed up further had I not studied from your blog.

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