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Friday, February 16, 2018


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So useful! I always do a lesson about public transport with my students too!

Actually I do not use public transport in Australia where I live. Because there is no convenient service around my area. However I am happy to talk about Japanese public transport where I grew up today.

Well, I lived near Osaka when I was a child, Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan.I used to catch a train to go to high school. Because my high school was very far away form my parents house and there was a only way to get there by myself. Also it was so convenient, the trains run every 5 minutes in rush hours in the morning, If you missed a train, there are plenty trains to catch. I didn’t feel any pressure to be late.

However, as you know, global population has been grown so much last half century. My country in Japan, there are so many Japanese people living in the urban areas. So a train that I had to catch were alway full.
Have you seen a documentary program which shows you about train stuffs are actually pushing customers into the train? Yeah, it is actually happening in Japan. When I caught a train, there was no way to take a seat and read book. We were all squashed each other. It was absolutely uncomfortable during the travel. However, I made myself as comfortable as possible, How did I do? I listened music. I bought a portable CD player when I was a high school student with my pocket money. It helped me a lot and relaxed a little bit more during the daily commute.

train stuffs -> train staff

"Staff" is usually followed by a plural verb in British English, less so in American.



Thank you for correcting my speech.

I would like to talk about a time I travelling by train. Three years ago, I have been to Germany, since I know train system is comprehensive and convenient there, so I chose it as the main transport tool and booked monthly ticket in advanced when I was in Taiwan.
As I thought, the German train network is accessible to every bustling cities such as Frankfurt and even reaches to small towns. There was just a drawback of it, no elevators in the train station. It's really unfriendly to the tourists, since luggages are too heavy to carry up from downstairs to platforms.
Beside this, travelling by train in Germany is worth experiencing. There was an interesting thing I would like to share with people. I felt comfortable during the travelling time on trains, most people were quit and taking rest or reading books. At the beginning, I fell asleep just like others did, but sometimes it took me plenty of time to my destination, so I started feeling bored and trying to talk with the strangers who sat in front of me. We even do some cultural exchange and taught each other some basic words of our native languages. It definitely a good way to kill time on the train.

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