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Friday, February 02, 2018


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1. Not so often, because my office is only 15-minute walk from my home and I usually go on foot. Sometimes I take bus when go shopping and so on.
2. There are not many choices of public transport where I live. it It's a little town and not crowded. Only buses are available.
3. It's easy to take buses in daytime from 8am to 7pm. But after 7pm. it's difficult to find one. You should take a taxi after that time and it's not affordable for everyone.
4. Yes, I do. I think it could be beneficial for environment to leave our private cars for public transport.It's also cheap form of transport. You shouldn't push your limits to possess expenses of private car.

1. Not so often. My office is just 15-minute distance from my home and I usually walk there. Just sometimes I use public transport to go shopping.
2. There are not many choices of public transport where I live. It's a small town, and only buses are available as a means of public transport.
3. In daytime it works pretty well, but in the evenings, especially after 7 pm. it's difficult to find buses. You should take a taxi, which is more expensive.
4. On the one hand, I think it's beneficial for environment, but on the other hand I think it's dirty way of travelling. As it's always crowded and stiff, you can catch infections.I prefer just walking or private car.

i would simply answer both parts of the question in two sentences ( one for each)

1. Yes, i use public transportation all the time. And the reason is because i don't have my own transport, so i am dependant on public services to get around the city.

(i was not sure about using ' the reason is because'
but i think it is grammatically correct. isn't it ? )

2. i definitely prefer underground electric trains. I think they are the safest means of transportation, and also i don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

( what about 'and also')

3. To be honest, the quality of public transport services in my hometown is poor. Sometimes i need to wait for half an hour for a bus to arrive, for example.

4. Yes, they should. Two main reasons why is that using public transportation eases traffic congestion by freeing up space on the roads and reduces air pollution that usually results from increased number of private vehicles.

I made a mistake, not stiff, but suffocating. I couldn't find a proper word. Can anyone help please. I meant the weather in the bus.

stiff - suffocated. error



e.g.( the musty smell of stale air )

it is always crowded and lacks fresh air

i can't stand the musty smell of stale air inside the bus

the bus stinks

( thanks to you i learned a couple of new phrases :)

suffocating is also good.

Something that is suffocating makes you feel uncomfortably hot or unable to breathe
I've got to open the window - it's suffocating in here!

A stuffy a room or building ( or a bus maybe) is unpleasant because it has no fresh air

The bedroom gets a bit stuffy in the summer

after going through a couple examples i realized that ' musty' might not be the right word to describe the smell of the air inside the bus. (at least not what you meant)

1. Yes, I do use public transport. I often take the bus to work, because it's quite convenient and cheap.

2. I prefer the subway, even sometimes it was crowded, I still use it to go to work, or to go shopping.

3. I would say it needs improvement. The buses are very slow, especially in the winter time.

4. Yes, I do. If people ride bikes instead of driving cars, it would be a good way to exercise and keep fit.

Do you use public transport? Why / why not?
Which type of public transport do you prefer? Why?
How good is the public transport where you live?
Do you think people should use public transport more? Why / why not?

Yes i use public transport and it is because it provides a cheaper way to commute within the city. For example, taking public buses from New York to California saves one up to 30% of an average transport fare for such intercity movement. And again, it is convenient and safe.

I have preference for railway public transport and as earlier explained it is the cheapest means of transport and very safe. Survey has shown that railway transport has the least number of accident cases.

The public transport system in Lagos Nigeria is highly inefficient and not well organised. This is because the government of the day has not shown real interest investing in infrastructure, rather they prefer to engage in frivolous things that do not have any economic benefit to the citizens. Also, corruption is a chronic disease that hinders development of public transport system in my city.

In my opinion, I believe public transport is a more cheaper way to commute around the world. when people use more of the service, government are under pressure to consistently make such service available and i so doing tax payers money are used efficiently to promote better welfare of the citizens.

@ shokhrukh

"The reason is because..." may well be an idiomatic phrase used when speaking. When writing, however, it is best replaced with "The reason is that...".


1. Yes, but I travel by public transport once in a blue moon. What I would like to say is that my city is kind of small; therefore, I only use public transport whenever I want to arrive in other districts.
2. I must say that I am in favor of trains among all types of public transport. I simply assume that trains seem to cause fewer accidents compared to buses, so they are safe.
3. Well, you know the public transport in my city is not excellent; however, I am satisfied with it. Firstly, it is rather safe and clean. I also appreciate the service due to the sociable staff who is willing to help passengers.
4. It is advisable for people to use public transport owing to its benefits. You know, traveling by bus or underground can help reduce the number of private cars or motorbikes at rush hour, thanks to that it can not only reduce the amount of emission but also solve traffic jam.

Nowadays many business meetings and training are happening online and not in real offices. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this matter?

Hi help me in this topic

My structure

It's is true that theasedays most of the corporate using video conferance for their business meeting and training purpose. The adavantage of online tool outwight for cost cutting and time saving whiich explains in following essey.

- no cost for buying office or renting
- no other expenses like bills and office expenses
- most people work from home so saving time to generate more business
For example:- slype and Facebook good example

- face to face covertation more effective in productivity
- lace of conversation in meetings and in training program


Above disadvantage it's beneficial for both individuals and business organisation

Plz help me I am on topic or out of topic


Simon I am like your way of teaching plz this is recent topic which appeared in recent exam at Perth

Plz help me out

1- Yes, I use public transport on weekdays because my workplace is located about 30-minute distance from my home.

2- I generally prefer subway line which is the fastest and safest means of transport in my city, the most populous place of Turkey.

3- It is always easily reached, though I sometimes can't take it especially in the morning and evening rush hour.

4- Definitely. The main reason of using public transport is related to decreasing air pollution based on heavy traffic. If public transport vehicles are substantially preferred in crowded cities, I am sure that traffic jam will simply be solved.

1. I used to use public transport very often when I was student, but not anymore since I have my own motorbike to commute. Now I use them only when I go back to my hometown which is so far from where I'm living.
2. I would say subway train is the one I prefer to use, even though there is no subway transport in my country! Nevertheless, I think subway train is the best way to commute since it has its own rail underground, you don't have to worry about if it gets traffic jams.
3. Public transportation where I live is not really good. We don't have many options for them besides buses, taxis, motorbike taxis.They often get stuck in traffic congestion.
4. Absolutely yes. Using public transport, especially buses (in my country) is recommended way to mitigate the air pollution. It also helps reduce the traffic.

1. Yes, I prefer to use public transport whenever I have chance. It's because they are more environmentally friendly, and I can enjoy reading books or watching movies on the move. Additionally, public transport such as train or MRT is much safer than personal vehicles like car or motorbike.

2. I prefer train or MRT for several reasons. Firstly, they are much safer and more convenient owing to their large space. Secondly, I can avoid traffic jam because train and MRT run on their own railway. Last time, It took me only 30 mins to go from KL Sentral to the KL airport while before that I had to spend more than 1 hour on the road going by taxi due to congested traffic and frequent traffic light stops.

3. It's still underdeveloped. There are not many public transport options to chose in the place I live besides the bus travelling around the city.I would love to see an investment in the MRT system which could help reduce fossil fuel emissions and cut down accident rates. I heard that the local council has approved of a budget to build one, and it the project is going to start early next year.

4. Yes, I think people should use more public transport. It's not only good for the environment but also improve people's safety. This is particularly critical for those who live in mega-city where MRT or train has been far developed, and pollution and accident is being seen a serious fear for the governmental authorities and the citizens.

Hi please some one correct me

1.Yes i use public transport in Tehran a lot because i do not have a car there and the most important thing is that there is always a massive traffic which caused air pollution. but when i am in Ahvaz i only use my car.
2. I prefer subway because it is the fastest one in the city.
3. Actually it is not good enough because all the time and it is so crowded and you have to wait a lot or go inside the train by pushing a mass of people.
4. Yes sure. because we need healthy air in my country and one of the big problem causing pollution is traffic


"there is always a massive traffic" -> there are always massive traffic jams


2 I prefer the subway...

3 "go inside the train by pushing a mass of people" -> push your way on.

4 "one of the big problems"

thank you so much

1. Yes, I do use public transport quite a lot actually, it's my main way of getting around the city, I don't have my own car yet so I have to rely on buses to get out and about.

2. I lived in the UK for a while and I really enjoyed the trams in the city centre, they're much more comfortable than public buses here, and you can actually rely on them to be on time

3. It could use a lot of improvements. The buses are very old, not air-conditioned, the seats show considerable wear and tear, and most importantly, the buses don't have a pre-specified schedule.

4. Yes, definitely. Emissions from cars are damaging the environment, and air pollution is a real problem in the cities. More cars on the streets also means more traffic jams, and makes the streets more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

comments -> kevinwolf91@outlook.com

1.Sure, I usually rely on it since I don't have any drive licenses. And it's quite well-developed in Taipei, so it makes me feel it's needless to learn how to drive a car and motorcycle as well.
2.My preference would be metro system as comparing with buses it's more punctual so that I can take it to the destination on time. Besides, it seldom lead to any accidents.
3.I would say that it should be improved. I live in New Taipei City, the transport network here is not that comprehensive as the one in our capital. For example, there are no metro stations near my house, so I have to take buses first and then transfer to the metro system. Fortunately, buses are frequent here.
4.Yeah, I think so. In general, public transport system is more friendly to our environment, producing less emission. So if possible, I will encourage people take public transportation instead of always driving private cars.

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