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Monday, February 19, 2018


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Thanks sir @Simon

very well arranged ideas for reading.

Can anyone please give me some links and files for collocations and phrases???



To find a suitable adjective using ngrams, use *_ADJ followed by the noun:





If looking for an adjective to go with noun, type in *_ADJ followed by noun on ngrams:



Thank you for your advice!

Thanks a lot~

I think this advice is incredibly important. I read like 20 pages long articles in english almost every day because my lectures are all in english, yet I have realised that I still make easy grammar mistakes and also don't know the second or third meaning of a word or how to use it properly in other contexts other than the conventional one etc. This made me aware that perhaps i should follow your advice and try to do that sort of deep reading once a week :)) Thank you very much by the way, i have benefited from your website mainly for the ielts test, but its also great to freshen up some basic, necessary skills. Thanks a lot :))
Best wishes,

Thank you so much Simon.
I always use this strategy to analysis your essays in Writing Task. It does help me to do better on organising words.

This is the best advice for improving reading and writing skills for ielts. None of my previous ielts tutors taught me about this technique. Thank you so much Simon! Im learning so many new things from your website.

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