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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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Hello Simon,
I am in UK till first week of March .Please let me know if you are offering any course during this period .I have been appearing in Ielts test for last 3.5 years & not achieving band 7 in writing .This time i got overall 7.5 , reading & listening 8 , speaking 7 & writing 6.5 .I am following your blogs .

Hi guys,
as you may be aware that gmc has announced and accept a new english qualification for non uk qualified doctors,the oet exam as an alternative to ielts .if any have an experience or appeared before please share your experience.

In some counties younger people are increasingly losing interest in teaching. Why is this happening? What can be done to improve the situation? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your own experience

Help me out plz for idea

- bp1

1- spending more time to become a teacher
2. No good salary compare to another profession
3. Spending so much time at work and preparation of lessons.

1. Pre services preparation provide
2. Increase salary for this profession because teachers generate goods communities
3. School management has to decide timing for school hours to attract more youngster in this profession.


If you are stuck for ideas when practicing, simply google the topic ! At least this way you will meet the topic vocabulary. Of course, at some stage you also need to practice writing as in the exam itself with no googling.

Salary - Public school teachers have amazing vacation schedules. It's true. However, compared to other people with graduate degrees, they make a fraction of the amount. It's sad but true - many people leave the profession because the amount of work required to be effective vs. the relative compensation.

That teachers are underpaid is not a new revelation. 55% of Americans and nearly 70% of millennials believe that American teachers are underpaid.

Comparing it to other degrees though, we begin to see what a raw deal teachers are getting. According to a Bankrate.com study, if a teacher uses ten percent of his or her yearly income to repay a private student loan, the average teacher will take nearly 22 years. In contrast, a student could spend the same amount of time in college and get a degree in Advertising, Economics, Civil Engineering, Microbiology or Accounting, making more money and repaying their loans in less than half the time.

Paperwork - Please stop asking teachers to do the same thing every year while calling it something new (getting back to basics, unwrapping the standards, embracing the core curriculum, etc.). It makes us die inside. Use that time for education, innovation, or coffee & simple exchange of ideas.

Mr Simon,

Can you tell me whether or not they have perfectly transcribed it? Because I have finished this but not really sure if it contains any mistakes.



Plz help or above topi


let Google be your friend





(i only read titles, so i can't guarantee u that these articles are exactly about lack of interest of young people in teaching.)

Can someone tell me from where i can download the ielts cambridge books online?


One possibility is more use of the internet to replace the teacher, and use less qualified personnel instead. More “Ted-talks”, and internet-based exercises and assessments. In this way what is currently a school might become more of an advanced day-care or social/sports/activities/art/music center. Why do we need teachers when everything you need to “study” is on the internet anyway? This may not be a good solution but it would be much, much cheaper.

Hi Simon

Thank you for mentioning my work.
I checked my transcription and found some spelling mistakes. Also I can hear more details now.
This is 'take2', please take a look.

What is a micro-plastic. It’s a tiny particle created larger plastic items, tooth brushes, bottles and bags break down over decades.They flout in the water, get eaten by sea life.This causes two problems.
First, a fragment is like a sponge to other toxins in the water, pesticides and flame retardants for example. Suctioning them up and concentrating them.
Secondly, they are themselves complex polymers molecules that the body cannot fully break down when it gets really tiny into a billionth of metres nano-plastic.Scientist shown they can cross tissue membrane into fish cells, They said that is harmful to fish, reproduction, immunity and survival skills, what we don’t know is what happens to human when we eat fish and sea life. Is it harmful to us? Its already urgent question. Leading US government scientist told CNS plastic is definitely enough food chain in drinking water.
This is something maybe happening to our children.its already here.

Hi Simon,
I just start to follow your blog and bought the Ebook from the website.Besides the lessons in your blog, i want to do more listening and really like the 1 minute video you've shown for us, could you please tell me where to get these short video or recordings/? I want to download and listen to them in spare time.
Thank you


Thanks @ sokhrukh and sunita

For your advice and about your idea


I think your point should be out of track bez the question ask about why young people not like teaching nowadays and what is the solution so what you mention is about use of advance technology in education

Hope this is clear but any way its good you give me some idea


I'll show you my transcription of the recording next Tuesday.

I am Tram.I live in Vietnam,I plan to attend Ielts exam. But I only Freshman, I fell my English ability not professional enough,especially, listening, speaking, writing skill is not skillfull. I am making effort practice and review dailly on ielts-simon.com.I look forward to being useful directions from SIMON. In 3 more years,my aim achieve 6.5-7 band in this international exam. Thanks

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