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Saturday, February 17, 2018


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Another way is to google the topic, for instance:

"ielts simon paragraphs"

This one brings up lessons dating back to 2011.

Dear Mr. Simon
Due have any plans to make teaching materials for OET exam medicine module such as videos eBook or any general advice.
Thanks, regards.

Hi Adel...just wanted to know why are people more interested in OET exam.It's more expensive than Ielts.Are those exams easy than Ielts.I am a doctor too and struggling from many years in Ielts.

@Jiya khan

OET is more predictable in the sense that all the tasks are set in a medical context with medical vocabulary. However, the medical professions are hardly likely to accept a lower level of overall English language capability, so OET would not be easier in that sense. Also, OET is less widely acceptable,so check if it really meets your needs.


Dear Dr. Jiya Khan I have no experience yet with OET but I`ve a lot of failures with IELTS despite all courses and training. what is positive regarding OET is that the language is medical so it would be easy for you as a doctor to understand. It goes without saying that as a new exam it needs a lot of preparations also.
best wishes.

OET is generally 'easier' than IELTS for medical professionals. For this reason, I would recommend OET over IELTS.

Hi Adil,jiya oleg
I am in the same situation. Appeared few times in ielts and been trying for few years but still can't see any light on the other side of the tunnel. But its a good news that gmc accept the alternative of ielts the oet exm.is new in the UK, there some training centres but these are for nurses not for doctors. Ring few places to inquire about oet training but no one have started the training yet. On Friday got a phone call from hammersmith college that they are going to start an oet training from 28th of this month.
What I m going to suggest to make a group for the oet exam to share information and materials if anyone of us have it.

Dear Simon, could help with OET for doctors, please. There is not much useful web sites for doctors in the U.K who want to do OET.

Hi Rauf, I live in East Yorkshire where it is hard to expect any kinds of course or help. Please share your thoughts and ideas so we could learn few tips. I have been trying yIelts over the last 10 years on and off without ant success.

Hi Fazilatun,
I know the level of stress struggling for such a long time to pass the ielts exam.as you know this is completly new exam for doctors here in uk so at the moment have a very limited blogs for oet exam compared to ielts.i am in contact with different friends and training center.as soon i'll get any materials i will let you know.but at the moment you can get some information from face book and from the internet.

OET course in UK


Dear Rauf , many thanks for your information. If any useful books for OET specifically for dr you could recommend would be very helpful. Only for IELTS my career in a mess,and I would be grateful if you kindly add me on skype: mita.smith2 incase I don’t see you in this blog.

Best wishes , Fazilatun

Thanks Gigi for your information.

I think it is easier for them to click on "Archives" and see the older lessons then they can click on any dates they want,as I do!

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