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Saturday, February 03, 2018


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the main problem (((

Dear Mr.Simon,

Thank you very much for your interest and dedication to help us !

When I try to improve reading skill, I try to read daily newspapers magazines. But, I always feel those articles more simple than model papers in Cambridge book. Really appreciated if you could recommend some sites or links to get some more articles to read and improve fast reading skills and would be big help to a lot for us.

Dear Simon,

I'm new in this group and i am planning to take IELTS in three months time. I need the score 7 in each section with 7.5 on average. All my friends who cleared their IELTS recommended your website. Is three months practice is ok to get the desired score, I have taken the test before and my score is 6.5. writing and reading are my weakest points. In your site I find myself a bit lost. I donno from where to follow. Could you please suggest me how should I start to follow your site?

Hi Simon,
I'm planning to take the IELTS this coming April, but I doubt if I have enough time to study since I'm still working at the hospital. My colleagues suggested to follow you. I hope that you could help me make a study plan. Thank you for your help.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for discussing this topic because it has bothered me for such a long time.
I think the first reason to procrastinate is as you mentioned above. Delaying to progress when facing difficult tasks.
I have a major issue which I still struggling to deal with, which is during the process I have discovered lots more tasks to do. For example, lack of vocabulary, grammatic problem, reading disorder, could not structure properly prior to writing, etc.
How do I start is already an issue.
Please kindly suggest a plan.
Many thanks.

Hi Simon,
I'm quite confused when using "type of, kind of..."
Kinds/ types of + singular or plural noun?
Could you explain this, please?
Thank you,

Hello Simon!
Unfortunately, This thing happens to me and please tell me what do I do o overcome on my procrastination problem? As I have plenty of free hours to hard but the problem is I am unable to focus on IELTS as much as I want to. Though, writing part is difficult for me and I am afraid to touch the writing material of IELTS and just started putting it off by saying that I will do it later and afterwards I do not bother myself to study for writing module.. Please help me what should I do to prevent my procrastination?


Yes, indeed.

Hello Simon,
Thank you so much for your suggestion above! This is prob the first time I interact with you here in your site.
Talking about procrastination, it happens to me an awful lot when it comes to learning English. Everytime I ask myself to stay home and practice English, I am always distracted by other unrelated stuff, then I convince myself to delay it until tomorrow, and another tomorrow...
I'm really into your lessons, but I don't know what I should start with. I want to start from your first lesson but I couldn't find them!
Thanks so much!

@ Trang Nguyen
I find I study best in a quiet coffee shop, if I leave my mobile at home.


I procrastinate when it comes to reading and writing skills. This is my problem too.

Dear Simon
Yes, I procrastinate when I want to practice only speaking and writing skills for IELTS. I behind My schedule, so I am usually changing my plan and this event comes from my procrastination. I would be thankful if you could help me in this regard.

Thanks for your attention!

The biggest problem ))

I practised lot of listening. Because I love to do listening and speaking. But I put things off when reading and writing come. I always reluctant to do those two modules owing to complications. During writing I generally make many grammartical mistakes and have problems with generating new ideas. In the time of Reading I can't manage time although I read thing a lot. Also, I face difficulties with matching heading and sentence completion. Consequently, procrastination repeats again and again.

Plz I need advices to recover.

I exactly have @Raju's problem with procrastinations

I exactly have the same problems as you mentioned.

I procrastinate writing and reading skills. :(((
Please help!

Dear Simone ,
Yes this is my problem !
I am looking forward to daily schedule with details what should i read and how ?

Dear Everyone.

I did not know there is a word to describe such a behaviour 'procrastination'.
I totally agree that I procrastinate extra actions in daily life. For example, If there is a hole in a child's school jacket, I do not repair it straight away. I postpone the action to do on weekend. Also IELST preparation, I have been following Simon's Blog for more than two years. But I have not taken an exam yet. I always procrastinate additional things.
I might need to have a personal trainer to set daily tasks.
Hope everyone can beat procrastinations regards to IELTS preparation!!


HELLO Simon,
Can I use 'step change' in writing task 2? Meaning=a significant improvement right?
Thx. Since you have already made an open-ended question hehe.

i used to procrastinate a lot, especially when it comes to writing. i think i didn't have confidence in my ability to write essays.


Thanks for sharing your problems with procrastination. I suffer with this too (I think everyone does), and I'll share my tips on beating it next weekend.



yes, procrastination does bother me.

Dear Simon
thanks for sharing tips , I really need this to fix my problem,especially writing ,when I try write something new ,procrastination ...something wrong with my brain , I have to step out comfort zone

please help me too . my 3rd time prep of ielts.

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