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Sunday, February 11, 2018


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But the prices of the IELTS is also keeping improvement.

Yes, IELTS test price is increasing sharply and it will continue till the death of a human being.
Having booked IELTS, for middle class people is becoming problematic.
In short, I would suggest to prepare well before booking the test.

Good luck to all.

@Aftab Ashraf

How long is a period that a graduate prepare for IELTS? In other words, when is the best time to book IELTS?

Hi Simon

As your writing lesson are highly valued among IELTS students, I bought your e -book via few weeks ago。It was very very helpful ,I am keen to pay for more of your works if there are。

In order to challenge 7.5 ,I have made up mind to copy each of your writing sample at least 30 times 。I believe that the best way to improve writing skills is follow the sole teacher and copy his style over and over again 。

Due to lack of your materials to imitate , I also found that some China website links with "your works" inside. But I wonder if these are really your works. I do not want to waste my time on fake Simon。



Band 7 is often the gateway to a professional job: for nurses in UK, Ireland, Australia and NZ for example. There are similar standards for social workers, pharmacists, engineers, accountants, and for postgraduate study. In all these jobs people are required to work, talk, telephone, read, listen, write reports and communicate clearly in English at least eight hours a day. People in professional jobs need to be good communicators and good users of English, able to put a point across clealy and concisely and response appropriately to a variety of situations without being constrained by language difficulties. Obviously, they would already be able to read a newspaper or understand the news without a dictionary. IELTS is designed to test all this, and for nurses ensure there are no linguistic misunderstandings in the operating theater, or in writing up a patient report. So that is the standard needed before booking the exam (assuming you do need band 7). How long it takes to get there, depends on the starting level, effort, and opportunities to learn and practise. Hope I have understood your question correctly.

..response ->respond..


I haven't worked with those sites, so perhaps they have simply copied my blog lessons.

All of my materials are either here on the blog, in my ebook or in my video lessons. I haven't made any other materials.


Thanks, Sunita. I got what you said. I scored 5.5 in the last time exam, so I wonder how long time should I prepare for next time exam.

"I scored 5.5 in the exam last time exam, so I am wondering how long time I should spend preparing for the exam next time exam."

Judging by friends and acquaintances, even if you are living in England with an English family, using English 24/7, studying hard five hours a day almost every day, and have an excellent teacher, it would still take well over a year to move from 5.5 to 7.0 in every module. There is just so much vocabulary to take in (although maybe easier for French speakers). There are also grammar issues... This is just an indication. It is not really an IELTS issue, more about raising the level of general English.

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