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Saturday, February 10, 2018


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Dear Simone ,
Regarding point 5 in your suggestions to avoid procrastination , I believe that reading your daily lessons on this platform is a great habit !

It was very helpfull. I study your lessons about 3 or 4 days a week.

Thanks Simon

Sorry i meant " helpful"

Hey heyam,

I think you should study in this website every day to make a good habit!

Dear Simon.
I am preparing for an IELTS exam by self-study. Therefore, I have some problems in writing. Can you give me a piece of advice to inrich it.


In your shoes, I would work back through all the exercises on Task 1, and Task 2 (click on left sidebar), and scan the Questions/Advice and Vocabulary/Grammar sections. It is also worth looking at the comments on writing by Mr sjm and Simon himself. You will also need to understand the marking criteria:



To enrich your writing, I would suggest you read widely, either (detective) novels in English, or on IELTS topics. See:


BTW I think you have misused "therefore":
I am preparing....and have some problems...

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